Nonprofit Independent Sarasota Film Festival

It is much easier to write than say, but now that I have your attention.  The nonprofit Independent Sarasota Film Festival is happening April 5-14.  Go, donate, volunteer, watch, be involved somehow.  They will be showing 180 features, documentaries, shorts, kid flicks, just a big mix of visual entertainment.  What I love about this festival is their dedication to educating children in the art of film.  They work with student all year, “Operating both in and out of area classrooms.  SFF Education reaches more than 5,000 students through filmmaking, film review, screenwriting, and movie screening programs. Students from elementary school through college participate in programs designed to deliver a rich cinematic experience, all at no cost to them.” I wish I would have had this experience as a child, but thankfully I went to college and now have loads of school debt to pay back.  Sadly the submissions for entering your film are close, but there is always next year.   I am no longer in the Florida area to attend, so go for me and post back to let me know how magical it was.  For more info go to


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While acquiring a BA in Media Communications, I had the good fortune to take a few amazing Superhero and Comic Book courses. I also started a Zombie Awareness and Survival club, so students from diverse majors could survive the school year together.

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