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Ongaku Overdrive is an event featuring music inspired by anime, videogames, sci-fi & comics. For more information, visit!

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Ongaku Overdrive is a new music festival for fans of anime, videogames, sci-fi, and comic books. The inaugural event will be this Saturday, April 27th at Taste, located at 717 W. Smith St. Orlando, FL, near downtown. Doors open at 6pm.

Ongaku Overdrive is happy to have extremely talented musical acts, both local and from afar, come out to perform live at the event.

Japanese pop artist Rai Kamishiro will be at Ongaku Overdrive for her debut Florida performance. Rai has recently released her latest album, Cor Leonis, to the public for digital and CD purchase.

Adam WarRock is a prominent nerdcore hip hop artist that has his finger on the pulse of pop culture. He has released albums and EPs with tracks inspired by Mass Effect, Akira, Futurama, X-Men, Kill Bill, Game of Thrones, and Firefly, plus many more.

Richie Branson has exploded on the nerdcore hip hop scene with full otaku spirit, releasing singles and albums based on Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, Gurren Lagann, Death Note, and Chrono Trigger. Richie also produces music for Neon Alley and Cartoon Network’s Toonami block.

Also on the lineup from Orlando’s music scene are Sci-Fried, Orlando’s #1 metal and geek rock band, nerdcore hip hop groups Emergency Pizza Party and MagiTek, and chiptunes artist BFunk20XX.

The night will end with an electronic dance party known as the “Neo-Deadly Rave,” featuring Benjamin Briggs of GameChops and OverClocked Remix as the DJ.

Tickets are still on sale at for $10. Tickets at the door are $15. Attendees must be 18+ with I.D. to enter Ongaku Overdrive. Fans can follow and for more updates.


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