Venture Bros. Premiere Screening at Cinemaworld


Venture Bros. Season  5 Premiere

Cinemaworld, Melbourne

May 28th, 9PM

Purchase your $5 concession voucher online to reserve your seat.

Adultswim’s fan favorite animated series continues with the outrageous world of super villains, assassins, spies and super science which surround The Venture Brothers. A show which boasts nearly one hundred characters loosely inspired from icons of the sci-fi and comic book world and then pits them against one another. Created by Jackson Publick. Written and directed by Doc Hammer. This exclusive event allows fans to see the premiere episode 5 days before it is televised AND on the big screen. The screening is a 2 hour event featuring contests and prizes while the presentation will include: “Operation: PROM” and “What color is your clean suit?” The video and audio have been remastered by Adultswim to fully utilize cinema equipment. This event is so exclusive only 7 theaters nationwide will be sharing it. Bring your camera and be ready to celebrate the return of the Venture Bros.


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