Florida APE (Arcade And Pinball Expo) 2016: Mardi Gras Casino

Hi all, guess who? It’s me again, and as always time for another South Florida event covered by yours truly. This time I cover the annual APE (Arcade And Pinball Expo), which was held at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach on the 2nd floor, from Feb. 19-21. This is the 3rd year this event has been held, as this is the only place where not only do you get to experience arcade games you’ve missed playing, but also pinball machines as well. These games, some of them are owned by the event organizers, while others were donated by local private owners, some of which were for sale.

Besides the usual fare of the more popular classic arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Star Wars, and Asteroids, there were also other lesser known games such as Moon Cresta (Moon Eagle), and Halley’s Comet. There was also Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Space Ace.

For Pinball games, it ranged from the newest game, Tron, to some of the older classics such as Superman. This year, as a bonus, there were golden age Pinball machines, which didnt have electronics, and were more table top sized. There was also a Pinball tournament held over the weekend to win a Pinball Machine, as well as a drawing held to win another machine.

Overall, If you missed playing those old arcade games, and Pinball ones, like the ones at the late Coral Castle (later Castle Park, then Malibu, then Malibu Grand Prix), and Grand Prix Race-A-Rama (later Boomers) in Ft. Lauderdale, or the ones in Miami (Fun-O-Rama in Westland and Midway later Mall of The Americas, plus the arcades in Dadeland and International Mall, as well as Malibu next to Midway Mall- all gone now. The only current surviving arcade:Arcade Odyssey), then this was the place to be that weekend. Ah, the memories of dropping in quarters to play a game with limited lives. Until next time, which will be at Geekfest at FAU in march, this is the JDOC signing off.

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