Florida Geek Scene Presents: Rob Liefeld at Wizard World

With the new Deadpool film coming out next year, Rob Liefeld, the original creator of the character, was a hot commodity for Wizard World Fort Lauderdale. Florida Geek Scene was lucky enough to get a moment with him after an endless day of signing comics, prints, action figures and everything in-between.



Ariel Frengel: Let’s start off with the [new] Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds, were you expecting anybody else [to play Deadpool]?

Rob Liefeld: No. From the minute they casted him in Wolverine Origins I thought you couldn’t get any better than casting Ryan. He’s got all the physicality, he’s tall, he’s the perfect physical specimen. He commands the room when he’s in it. He’s got that physical presents but then you got his ridiculous wit, which I have been able to witness up close and personal. I mean he is just on. That guy, his brain is just wild. He is Deadpool. I could never see anyone else but him in that role.

Ariel: When Deadpool was finally put into Capcom vs Marvel [Marvel vs. Capcom 3], what were your feelings on that?

Rob: That’s a good question because I have two boys, at the time I think they were 10 and 8 years old. And that is when I saw Deadpool explode for this generation. He had been in the marvel alliance. My boys and all their friends are gamers and I’m not a gamer but I watch them play video games and just sit and watch them go through all the levels. And when Capcom Marvel came out [with] Deadpool and just blew up. I came home one day from running errands and all our couches there was like 10 kids and we have a giant television that this console was hooked up to everybody was Deadpool vs Deadpool. And then Deadpool vs Deadpool [again]. And he was literally the character that jumped out of that game and grabbed all these kids. I watched them, and these kids who did not know who Deadpool before then were immediately introduced to him. They just loved his look, his actions, all obviously his great humor.

Ariel: What were your thoughts on the Deadpool from [Wolverine] Origins that was mentioned earlier?

Rob: Deadpool… Wolverine Origins was obviously a problematic movie. I think there’s parts of it that were really fun. But obviously the ending soured everyone because what they did to the Deadpool character was so off. The early section of the movie where it was just wade and Wolverine in the past, you just love it, it worked, you were interested. They built up so much anticipation for what was to come and then… I mean when they had those 9 foot blades come out of his arms, it didn’t make sense. You’re like, “how did he even move his elbows when they retract? How does that work?”

You know, one good thing did come out of it. Again, my kids at that point are probably 8 and 6. And we went to see it with a bunch of family and friends, all with teenage kids. They all went out in the movie parking lot and they all started [play] fighting. Because they’re juiced from the movie, they’re kids, they loved it, they’re 8 and 6. My one son, his best friend says “Alright everybody! I’m Deadpool!”. I am like “Why are you Deadpool?” And he goes “Because it took Wolverine and Sabretooth to take down Deadpool!” Kids see things differently than we do, so as an adult where I am like “Man, that is so not my Deadpool!” he still managed to connect with an audience. I mean that’s very little kids, and you know sometimes [it’s] the gateway. Who is Deadpool? Who is that guy with the katanas coming out of his arms? And then you go “Oh! He’s actually this much cooler character!” and that’s what the audience is gunna get to.

So far everything they have released for the Deadpool movie had hit ten. They have not had a miss step. I have never seen [this]. The two campaigns in the last year that are perfect are Star Wars, and Deadpool. They did exactly what the people want. The fans dig it and I think there is way more coming.

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