Free Play Florida – November 2015

Free Play Florida is an annual event to celebrate the love of arcade and pinball.

I love video games which should be obvious since I occasionally write about them. I love arcade games and have been trying to get a disney ticket off a friend so I could go to Disney Quest before it closes. I own a Nintendo Play-choice 10 but to be completely honest I was just not up to it. I enjoyed myself as much as I could but school and work have just left me drained.


I don’t know if there was more pinball or if it just seemed like there was more pinball. I like pinball but I feel like if you play one game of pinball you’ve pretty much played them all and I’m terrible at them all.


They also had a console room with old consoles and import consoles. I played Pepsiman for PS1 and chibi Splatterhouse on Famicom.



Billy Mitchell was there selling his hot sauce. I never saw King of Kong so I just vaguely know who he is from when X-Play used to be a thing and they were promoting King of Kong so hard. He cut his hair and went grey so I didn’t even recognize him at first. Monday I saw on Facebook that he got ruled against in his lawsuit against Regular Show and I kinda wish I knew that earlier because I would of asked him about it.

Hopefully next year Megacon decides to not announce an event for the same weekend at the last minute. So if you love arcade games and pinball then go next year, but bring someone. Arcade games should be a shared experience with someone you enjoy playing games with which is why most arcade games have 2 players.



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