Daytime Discussion | 3 Fall of Cybertron Characters That NEED Toys!


I have finally completed my first run of Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Optimus ending if you’re wondering), and I couldn’t be more happy about the experience that I had.  It was a ton of fun rampaging through Cybertron in itself, but like any Transformers fan, I was constantly referring back to the glorious plastic when thinking of the many “What if that guy had a toy?” moments.  Of course I’d love to see a line dedicated to Fall of Cybertron itself, but I’m still glad that we’re getting as many toys as Hasbro says we are in the Fall of Cybertron line.  Still, a guy can dream…


3. Jetfire

I really enjoyed the sequences played as Jetfire towards the end of the game, and would love to see a toy rendition of the character.  We need more flight capable Autobots, damnit!


2. Decepticon Leapers

These are some pretty annoying bastards, but cool nonetheless.  I’m not even sure that they even transform in the actual Fall of Cybertron game at all, but it’d be nice to see Hasbro’s rendition of an alt mode for them.  I’m thinking like a Cybertronian pogo-stick of death?  No? Ok.


1. Metroplex

Do I even need to say any more?  It’s freaking Metroplex.  If you’ve played through Optimus Prime’s first section of the campaign, you know why we need a new Metroplex toy.  Of course it wouldn’t be to scale, but I’d love to see something in the 60-70$ range released that’s about the size of the Cyberverse Optimus Maximus.  I can just foresee the awesome shots of Metroplex smashing a certain someone to pieces.

Who do you want to see made into a toy?


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  1. Kenson Sales September 15, 2012 at 10:52 am - Reply

    I completely agree with you on Jetfire. I love being the jet but it seems like in the toy world only the deceptacons get to fly.

    Oh and getting a omega supreme toy from WFC would be great.

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