DCUO’s Origin Crisis to release on May 14th


It looks like Sony has announced it’s next big DLC for DC Universe Online “Origin Crisis” which launches on May 14th, but opened early for beta on May 8th, with all the hype with their newest title “Injustice: God’s Among Us” will fans of this game care about new DLC for the DCUO?

Personally after the network downtime of SOE myself and many others had seem to lose interest in DCUO and moved on to other games and MMO’s. I still play DCUO on both PC and PS3, and it seems to me like the player base unfortunately has dropped on both.

Everyone knows that in the land of the MMO World Of WarCraft is king, and with so many new MMO’s coming out of the woodwork will DCUO be able to keep up? The last superhero MMO to last was City Of Heroes which closed it’s servers in November 2012. Now we’re left with Champions Online (which in my opinion can barely even be considered an MMO or for that matter even a game) and DC Universe Online which neither in my opinion are so great, but at least DCUO is fun and I do like to watch the DC characters in action even if they are just NPC’s.

So what does the future hold for Superhero MMO Gaming? Well two new companies are working on new games, both based an homage to City Of Heroes. The Phoenix Project is in the works by a company called Missing Worlds Media, and Heroes & Villains, and lastly we have Marvel Heroes which will open it’s servers to the world on June 4th, 2013. If you want to know more about these games just click the links.

I know our editor was a big City Of Heroes player for many years and he can talk about it for hours, he has told me some fun stories. I played City Of Heroes for what seemed to be a parsec compared to him, I fell into it in it’s last year or so with the release of “Freedom”, and I did love it, but when you play so many other games, how do you find the time to dedicate yourself to just one?

So in hopes of a stable superhero MMO I’m hoping that DCUO can pull it off and keep on going. I guess we’ll just have to see. DCUO is more of an MMO so I do like that about it and it at times has the feel of City Of Heroes.

Marvel Heroes is more of an online version of Diablo, and doesn’t seem to have the feel of a real MMO. It’s too bad Marvel didn’t go with a regular MMO style, but at least in Marvel Heroes you get to use actual characters from the Marvel Universe instead of sidekicking as you do in DCUO. It will be very interesting to see how gamers like it. I see more fans of comic books, rather than gamers flocking to Marvel Heroes as to where a lot of the people who ended up playing DCUO were most likely already gamers who happen to fall in to comic books after seeing a movie such as Green Lantern, or Iron Man or had nowhere else to go after the demise of City Of Heroes.


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