Farewell City Of Heroes


As of 11:59pm last night the MMO City Of Heroes, has officially shut down all of it’s servers. I played City Of Heroes for six years and became of veteran hero and villain with over 40 topped out level 50 characters which I lost forever as of last night.

City Of Heroes, in my opinion was the best of the MMO’s, it had a lot that it added to the MMO world that wasn’t and still isn’t available in most MMO’s today. The best part of City Of Heroes was the character creation, the thing about it was that you could totally customize your character, colors, emblems, facial expressions, all the way to eye color. This game was amazing! Their was no way for anyone to build the same type of character as yours.

You could also build and edit your own private missions, and earn rewards for completing your own home built mission. Originally as a hero you could only play on the hero side and it worked the same way for the villains, but just a few years ago, COH introduced us to “Going Rogue” the expansion that opened windows into servers so as to cross heroes with villains for the first time.

In the last year of City Of Heroes, it just like plenty of other MMO’s opened up to free play to the masses. Maybe COH was losing players? Maybe the money just wasn’t coming in like it was before? Despite the outcry from fans asking NCSoft not to end City Of Heroes, the cries went unheard.

I fell out of City Of Heroes around 2009, and was in and out of the game since then. As soon as I heard the announcement about the end of COH I planned to jump back on, but as life would have it I didn’t have the time to, and then last night, November 30th 2012 I decided that I had to go on as it was the last day, and once again it just didn’t happen. So farewell City Of Heroes, I will miss you! And as I have tried most other MMO’s and haven’t liked them, I may not jump in to another MMO for a while as I have tried the other two superhero related MMO’s and have not been particularly keen of either. In closing, I’d like to leave you with the “Farewell” page at NCSoft. It makes me sad to know that I’ll never see my characters again, or be able to play this great game, and so this should be read by all fans of City Of Heroes. If you haven’t yet, please click on the link and say your goodbyes.


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