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Hey this is Ed Bender with FGS and I’m here to enlighten the masses on the subject of mini wargaming. Time consuming, expensive and in all honesty little more than playing with toys , all of these detractors have failed to sway my love of strategic tabletop games. You may think that the latest RTS from EA or any number of more obscure video game developer is the height of strategy, given that for one low price you get access to a wild and diverse bevy of units , maps, and strategic opportunities, but I beg to differ. Whereas video games provide the most easily accessible pangs of strategic superiority , I quickly find these instances to be terribly generalized , mass produced for the majority of faceless consumers eager to fill up their hard drives with gigabytes worth of information that will coalesce into dancing sprites. In pursuing and developing an army of miniatures for tabletop use In games like Warhammer 40,000 , I’ve found that these generalities are more easily avoided , instead of using electronic game pieces designed and animated by a developer, you are free to build, paint and customize your army as you see fit. Don’t like the horns of a particular demon to lead you force? Well then break out an exacto blade and trim them to your liking, or even replace the head altogether because after all that plague demons head has the aesthetic you prefer right ? Alright we’ll I have no desire to overload you with the intricacies of the hobby I love, so if your still interested just wait for my next article 😀


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