Turn the Political Slugfest into an Actual Slugfest with ‘Vote!!! The Game’



If you could convert America’s political battle for presidency into an actual battle – wouldn’t you?

Epic Games’ Chair Entertainment decided to cut the election semantics and get to the nitty gritty with VOTE!!! The Game, a humorously slapstick battle for the White House that lets you equip your candidate of choice with a variety of power-ups, props, and catch phrases and slug it out properly. Pick the side of Barack or Mitt and beat up your opponent in three-stage political battles using things that hurt harder than words – weapons.

While the game is all-in-all an app full of silliness, the app does sneakily offer a good form of edutainment. The developers teamed up with Rock the Vote and the Video Game Voters Network to release the free game as a resource for players to access real-world voter information and guide gamers through the voting process.

Make sure to download the game and let us know how it goes in the comments. Nonpartisanship needn’t be necessary.


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