UDE announces the return of the VS. System at GenCon 2014



This weekend at GenCon 2014 one of the biggest announcements in the gaming world was made, the return of the VS. System, the Upper Deck comic book collectible card game. If you don’t know about the VS. System, this game came out in 2004 and is set in a superhero world pitching Marvel Comics against DC Comics and eventually bringing in a Dark Horse Comics B.P.R.D. set before it’s demise in 2009, a sad, sad day for fans of this genre of gaming.

When it came to gaming I pretty much grew up on Dungeons & Dragons and video games. When collectible and trading card games hit the American market it just wasn’t my thing. I could never get in to Pokemon, Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, it just wasn’t for me. The thing is I also grew up on comic books, I fucking love comic books! So the VS. System was without a doubt the game for me.

Mind you that I didn’t just jump in to this game either. I owned a comic and gaming store for 11 years from 1999 to 2011, but I was and still am to this day more of a comic book guy, but that’s another story for another time. To make it quick, I was literally pushed in to the VS. System by one of my customers who kept telling me to try it out. Honestly as a comic and game shop owner it was truly stupid of me not to learn play every game I sold, I mean it’s hard enough just peddling the funny books.

Like I said in the beginning, it was really only Dungeons & Dragons and video games for me for a long, long time. Okay, so as a shop owner I at least had to look the games over and at least learn a minimum about them as of not to sound like an idiot when talking to customers who actually did play said games and were shop patrons, and spent money, thus helping keep the shop alive.

So I ended up popping a pack or two and going through the cards. I was amazed at the artwork and it brought a smile to my face whenever I saw art from a comic book artist I was a fan of or a character that I liked. At first I wasn’t impressed with the mechanics of the game, but as I said I wasn’t exactly a card gamer, yet. After I built my first deck, the New Gods. Yes, the New Gods was my first deck, how could I not have a deck of Jack Kirby creations?

Okay, so the deck wasn’t great, but it was mine and it represented me, the comic book fan. It was probably like 30 cards over and I doubt it even had a curve, and I mostly lost in tournament, but I was still learning. I was a pup, seriously. The thing is that the more I played VS. System, whether I won or lost, it didn’t matter to me, eventually I learned the game and it was fun as, well as fun as fun can be!

To me VS.System wasn’t just a game. Every time I played against someone it was a comic book epic battle! While other players were in the game to win, all I cared about was that I was playing and having fun, while the “real” gamers were playing out the next move against me in his or her head I was putting together how the battle would go down in a comic book, in my head. I wasn’t worried about winning or losing, I was worried about Hulk getting beaten by the Flash, because if they ever met, it would never happen, never! But if it happened in game, well shit..

Eventually I was building decks all the time, I was a machine. It was like I was constantly thinking about what team to build next. Not too long after my old shop was established as having the highest VS. System player base in Florida, we ended up holding all the major VS. System tournaments. I miss those days.

I miss playing VS. System every Wednesday. I was known for building the teams that nobody played because they either sucked in the game or just weren’t popular like the X-Men or the Avengers. I have literally thousands of VS. System cards just sitting in my house, and boxes and boxes of decks. Some of my favorites team decks were B.P.R.D., JSA, Kang, The Defenders, The Morlocks and X-Statix. I ended up not being such a bad player and a judge for the VS. System.

So when it was announced that the VS. System was coming back, honestly I first found out about it on the phone, but when I found out it brought smile to my face and a tear to my eye. I was both enthralled and worried about this at the same time. Firstly because I get to play VS. System again, and secondly because at the time we only know so much about the new version.

One has to wonder, does it play with the same mechanics, can you use your old cards in the new version? Will DC Comics join in and give us DC heroes and villains, or maybe any other publisher? Will Upper Deck market the game right, will the game be as popular as it was when it died in 2009? I really want the original game back, but I know things change, and we don’t always get what we want, so I guess for now I gotta just go with it and figure out if this new version of the VS. System is for me, and if Upper Deck is doing it right and taking care of the fans of this awesome game!

In the meantime below is a few pictures of the new version of VS. System taken at GenCon 2014. I didn’t take these pictures they showed up in my Facebook stream. Honestly I don’t know who took them, I imagine some lucky guy or girl who attended GenCon 2014?

Lastly, if you played VS. System, you may recognize some of the cards shown as they first came out in the original X-Men/Brotherhood set. I don’t know why exactly these are the cards shown, but I did hear that this is now a fixed deck, maybe something like the old X-Men/Brotherhood Starter Deck. I guess only time will tell..

Below the images is also the announcement from Upper Deck at GenCon 2014.




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  1. Mark B August 18, 2014 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    I just interviewed Mr. Brenner from Upper Deck — thought you might like the info, good stuff about the Vs. System relaunch!


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