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032215190131Hi all, and welcome to yet another one of my usual con reviews, albeit about a week late (sorry for that folks- real life work always calls first lolz). This review covers Geekfest 2015. This event was held again this year at FAU’s student union facility located at their Boca Raton campus. I was present at one of the first Geekfest shows back in 2012, and after a brief hiatus on my part I returned to see that things had changed enormously.

This year, things changed for this con beginning with having the show for 2 days on campus (Sat March 21 and Sun 22 2015). Another major change was that although this show is run by Gonzo Saligny and Bobby Mac (their pride and joy), they collaborated with Ultracon’s promoter, Irving Santiago Sr. to bring an even bigger show, and the theme stressed it as well: Geekfest-Age of Ultracon. This show had various dealers as always selling their wares from original art, to toys, to comics, and miscellaneous items. The tables also had various cosplayers (the biggest array to date of various cosplayers in one show), with too many to list, but I will do so:

In no particular order (featuring several new cosplayers making their debut at Geekfest, although they have appeared at other cons as well):

Veron (as Daphne on Sat and Arrow’s Canary on Sun):

Mad Mel Madigan (as anime character gogo tomago on Sat- welcoming her back for her only South Fla. appearance since moving to Atlanta, Georgia):

Special featured guest Chere Belle (as Black Cat on Sat and Capt. Marvel Carol Danvers on Sun):

Harley’s Love Shack (as harley on Sat and Alice in Wonderland on Sun):

Lonzi (as waitress Honey from anime Space Dandy on Sat):

Dahlia Thomas (as Lara Croft on Sat):

Nerd Bunny (as Mary Jane on Sat, Anna from Frozen on Sun):

Maressa Fox:

Leaping Lizard Cosplay:

Envy Us:

Jedi Brian:

Trina The Mermaid:

TC Dangerous

Bart McClelland:

Geekgirl 421:

Shelbie Savage Cosplays:

Felin LaPaige:

Gothic Sushi:

Ellei Marie (Sonic The Hedgehog on Sat, Cartoon Terra from Teen Titans Sun):

Cat Castoro:

D’Nora (as Catwoman Sat):

This show also had a special media guest- none other than Cindy Morgan herself (Yori- Tron; Lacey underall- Caddyshack), whom i had the personal pleasure of getting a signed photo from her this time around, courtesy of my volunteering at Geekfest as well.

This show had a few activites going on, starting with panels, one of which had a dual role: Speak about real life villain Tamerlane, as explained by the cad himself, Frank Tamerlane ( . The second feature of this panel was talking about Bill Finger, who not only had a hand in creating the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott alongside Mart Nodell, but also had a major hand in creating Batman alongside Bob Kane. Athena Finger (, Bill’s granddaughter, spoke about the fight to get her grandfather alongside Bob in the credits for Batman’s creation, since he was responsible for creating not only Batman, but also Robin, and the Joker. Unfortunately, back then, because Bob’s dad was a lawyer, he was able to get DC to credit him as sole creator (hence why he’s mentioned as the sole creator in the bylines in every book Batman’s featured in as the major player), and every one else was treated as either ghost writers or artists, working under his ‘guidance’ in his studio. So far, the farthest that fight has come was when, thanks to writer Brad Meltzer, he was credited on the cover of a special reprint of Detective Comics (Vol.2-‘new 52′) issue 27, although he was not yet credited on the inside story. Athena also spoke about the fight that golden age creators have had trying to get their credit where it’s due, such as the Siegel and Shuster estates’ fight on Superman and the Jack Kirby estate’s fight for Marvel comics credit on major creations in the 60’s alongside Stan Lee, such as The X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Avenges, and Fantastic four, to name a few. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the way ‘work for hire’ contracts were done back then, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword, because eventually when these court cases are finally settled, it may open up a can of worms depending on the final outcome, and possibly hurt the comics industry as a whole in terms of creating new characters to be featured in comics.

There were also other activites to keep oneself busy, ranging from face paintings to spinning the prize wheel, courtesy of Tate’s Comics. There was also a memorial service carried out by the 1701st Fleet to honor the late Leonard Nimoy, ‘Spock’, on the original series on both days. The main attraction for both days was the costume contest- day 1 consisted of the grand prize- an xbox one, while day 2 consisted of $200 as the grand prize. Both days were interesting for the contest portion as they were co-Mc’d by Kevin The Pirate and Starlord (who also MC’d a danceoff competition for both days). Sunday’s was fun because one of the contestants was actually one of the cosplayers there- Nerd Bunny, dressed up as Anna from Frozen, and Starlord flirted w/her, only to be given a scornful look and warning by another cosplayer dressed as Elsa. There were also live birds at the con, ranging from falcons, to owls, and even baby possums carried around by Trina, who has a rescue: Possum for Pets, not Stew. There was also photography opportunities for cosplayers taken by SGH photo, FDSedano Arts, and Travis Scotka.

Overall, this 2-day con was awesome, and I hope to see more from Geekfest in the future- perhaps another 2-day show (hint,hint), and again thanks to Gonzo, Bobby, and Irving for making this another good con in the books for this reviewer. So as always, here’s my link to my personal facebook page for pics from the con:

link 1-

link 2 for album 2-

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