Gentleman Baby Comics: Phase 2


Gentleman Baby Comics returns to fund two new comics HIT!, Issue 2 and Come in Closer, Issue 1. WON’T YOU HELP US TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!

It’s been exactly one year since our debut on Kickstarter and now we’ve returned to fund the next stage in our budding careers as indie comic publishers. “Gentleman Baby Comics: Phase 2” is looking to fund two new comics: Issue 2 of HIT! as well as the debut of our new comic series Come in Closer.

Issue 2 picks up right where Issue 1 left off. SPOILER ALERT: Alone in Arkansas, with two bullets in his body, Connor is desperate to find his way home to Boston and figure out how everything went so wrong. He finds unlikely help from a mysterious dentist named Jerry, who may know more than he claims.

Help Gentleman Baby Comics with phase 2. Follow this link.


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