Here Come The Mummies!


Here Come The Mummies!

Florida Geek Scene: Who are Here Come The Mummies?
Java Mummy: Here Come The Mummies are a band of ribald undead dudes that like water sports and eating chili.
FGS: How long have the mummies been around?
Java Mummy: We have sort of lost track, but approximately 3,500 years.
FGS: How many mummies are in the band?
Java Mummy: Similar to the previous question, we lose track. Onstage at any given time are 9, but multiples of that exist.
FGS: Which mummy get’s the most chicks?
Java Mummy: Me… Was there ever any doubt.
FGS: What are your feelings on all the mummy movies that have come out over the years?
JM: I’d do them.

FGS: How do you come up with your songs?
JM: We sit and play. If it makes us laugh, it stays.
FGS: Do you have band practice in a tomb?
JM: Incessantly.
FGS: What are some of the mummies musical insperations?
JM: To have a symphony accompany us, and to have young Japanese girls HCTM tribute band.
FGS: Who have the mummies toured with over the years?
JM: Mostly, the Harlem Globetrotters: Eddie is a Washington Wizard.
FGS: Who would you like to tour with in the future?
JM: The original chicks in Hanson.

FGS: What are your thoughts on superheroes that carry the “mummy” name? Marvel Comics has a character known as the Living Mummy, and how about the 90’s cartoon Mummies Alive?
JM: Not enough chicks and way too many clothes!
FGS: Did you ever watch the ThunderCats? Okay, I have to ask.. Mum-Ra, mummy or not?
JM: Totally: Snarf, Snarf!
FGS: What do the mummies do when not on the road? Hobbies?
JM: Anime chicks, juggling, engaging in Erlang/Haskell wars
FGS: Who would win in a battle between mummies and zombies?
JM: Zombies. They are known flatulators, which makes makes mummies laugh.
FGS: What’s the craziest thing to ever happen to the mummies while on tour?
JM: We were confused for Don Rickles… Much shrimp cocktail was eaten that day.

FGS: What do mummies eat?
JM: Cats and anything made of ham or seitan
FGS: What’s a mummies favorite holiday?
JM: Arbor Day
FGS: Tell me the typical day for a mummy.
JM: Wake, pee, surf, porn, eat, eat, eat, practice, surf, porn.
FGS: Is this the best interview you have ever taken part in?
JM: Duh!
FGS: Any last words?
JM: We have cool stuff!

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