High Speed Internet Options, Sources and Perks

Almost nothing beats sitting down to your favorite television program and your show coming on right when you request it with a crystal clear screen. This may seem like a fantasy situation, but with some Internet providers and types of Internet, this is a reality. The main contributors to Internet speed are the number of megapixels you have running and where you get your Internet from. The following sections will go over some of the internet source options, and some perks of having high-speed internet.


Where Does Your Internet Come From?

Many people are unaware of what source his or her Internet comes from. Is it through satellite, your cable service, or your phone service? And how the does the source affects your service clarity? When your service is brought into your home by satellite, speeds can be slowed down and if there is heavy rains, snow or the wind the clarity and connection can be skewed. With Internet service through cable/telephone, your speeds are generally faster with fewer interruptions.

With Suddenlink, weather conditions are not an issue. The Internet with this company is routed to your home via your cable or telephone connection. They most often provide up to 50 megapixels per sec but are able to give up to 1 Gbps in some areas. With speeds such as those stated above, streaming your favorite tv channels is a piece of cake. Unlike other service providers, Suddenlink allows you to pick and choose whether to bundle or not and which services you want all without having to be tied down to a contract.


What Amenities Come With High-Speed Internet?

With high-speed internet, you can get your fix of your top shows anytime you wish. Simply stream them through any device which is connected through your service provider and enjoy. In some cases, you can download the shows you downloaded on your television onto your tablet, phone, or other device and watch them anywhere you like without being connected to the internet.


When using the high-speed internet you can stay updated on shows you are waiting to watch the next season, watch sneak peeks and trailers of shows and movies , and any television show themed conventions. This is a dream come true for any avid gamer, television show series addict or comic lover. These amenities could not be achieved if you had to use the now obsolete dial up internet of the early years of the internet.
Some may think that internet providers and sources are all alike. This could not be further from the truth. It is very important to research the various internet providers in your area to get the best quality and price internet to suit your needs. Often times, when you “bundle” services (such as internet, television, and or phone service) you can get a better deal on the services you are wanting. Also, different companies provide different speeds for their Internet that they offer. The most common speed for providers to carry is 25 Megapixels per second but others offer more.

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