A Walk Down Memory Lane.


Sifting through a summer-time Florida attic will make anyone feel like a rotisserie chicken. The miserable heat, the claustrophobic wooden cave that envelopes you as you try not to step on the soft-spots and fall through the living room ceiling like Meteor Man. My head is scraped and battered from the hazardous decision of the builders to leave uncovered nails sticking downward…what fucking carpenter thought that was a good idea? Despite the hellish conditions of an early summer, I had my mission and I was determined to complete it.

Three hours, eight canteens of water, and two sweat-soaked shirts later I found myself knee-deep in some of my most prized childhood treasures. Card collections, action figures, vehicles, comic books, and even matchbox cars. I found my uniforms and medals from my military service, and a rush of memories flooded my mind. I was in nostalgia heaven.

If you were to rummage through an old attic or closest what would you hope to find? What would bring back your greatest childhood memories?





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  1. Steve Rincon May 11, 2012 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    Sorry, too recent for me. LOL

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