Batweek Continues with the Toys ‘R Us Exclusive, Arkham City Classic Golden Age Batman


Continuing our Batweek coverage here at FGS means covering Batman from all angles, i.e. comics, games and figures. Luckily, this week is just ripe with Bat releases. Today we’re looking at the Toys ‘R Us Exclusive Batman Arkham City, Classic Batman. For me personally, the minute I saw this figure, I knew I had to have him. The thought of taking a modern Batman and draping him in his classic golden age design is simply brilliant and works quite well I might add.

The brightly colored golden age Batman really pops off the monochromatic card.


The nearly monochromatic Arkham City branded packaging allows the figure to really pop and was probably why I noticed him so quickly on the aisle. Also, all the figures have been released to date (the Robin vs. Joker 2-pack review will be up Saturday) so it would have been nice to see some upcoming figures on the back.

Batman's showing off his front and bat side.


This Batman sculpt is the exact one from the previously released Batman vs. Two-Face 2-pack. It’s a great sculpt to be sure but if I did have one complaint it’d be his lack of at least one open hand. Yes it’s cool that you can place him in all sorts of brawler poses but the ability to hold a Batarang (not that he even comes with one to hold) would be great. The cape is made of a semi-rigid plastic that has the appropriate amount of give while still being sturdy enough to help support some poses. I believe the Four Horsemen are sculpting these figures and their attention to detail really shows. The minute detailing on his armor is insane. And I love how you can even see the armor weave through the Bat symbol on his chest. Very nice.

The armor weave detailing on this figure is amazing upon closer inspection.


I have no complaints here. The detailing on the chest logo, the blue eyebrows (and eyes for that matter) and the belt details are all top notch on mine. The blue eyebrows are a super nice touch and really harken back to the classic styling.

With almost 30 points of articulation, Bats can strike just about any pose you choose.


With nearly 30 points of articulation (minus hands that grip grrrrr) it’s hard not to find a pose this figure looks good in. I do wish his head tilted a bit more upward but now I’m just nitpicking.

A tale of two Batmen. Here is classic Bats next to his earlier (Two-Face 2-pack) counterpart.

All that nice detail carried over.


Toys ‘R Us is selling these figures for $14.99 and they are almost 99% worth it. Again, a single accessory (and the ability to hold it!) or even a figure stand would go a long way in added value. Also as bonus, if we have an DC Universe or Masters of the Universe Classics collectors out there that are actively ordering figures each month from, that sweet little $5 off any DC Universe figure coupon you get with each order DOES work on these figures. So you can in fact score one of these figures for $9.99 plus tax. And that makes the lack of accessories or stand easier to swallow.

These figures literally look like they stepped out of the game. I wasn’t expecting to get into these figures initially but after seeing them in person, I’m so pleased that I did. The really are amazing and definitely look good sitting on my shelf. If you’re a Bat freak or just really fond of the game, keep your eyes open for this line, it’s shaping up to be a classic. Now if only I could play as this version of Bats in the game …





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