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Colossus And The Gang
Colossus And The Gang

Colossus And The Gang

It’s rare that I find every figure that I’m looking for when we set out on a trip, but that’s exactly what happened on our recent trip to Atlanta. Our local TRU started receiving the new Star Wars figures a few weeks ago and while I could care less about the included Galactic Battle game, the new Clone Wars figures are more than welcome. But our area has only received the newest Grievous and that’s it. But on our trip I finally found Aurra Sing and the really cool, Pre Vizsla. Also, new Marvel Universe figures have been few and far between as of late with Hasbro turning their focus to their Iron Man line, but with that line behind us, the new MU figures are slowly trickling out. Colossus is, hands-down, my favorite X-Men and who better to for Colossus to smash but the unstoppable Juggernaut himself right? Last but not least is TRU’s exclusive Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Iron-Knife who was unmistakably designed after Billy, the native American from Predator, even the rifle is identical. Along with Spirit, Hasbro released Quick-Kick, but having such a fondness for the original design, I decided to let it hang on the peg.

Oh and I can’t forget, I had won a MOTU Classics Faker off eBay and it arrived while we were gone. Glad I finally got my hands on one of my favorite baddies from when I was a kid. I can’t explain why I love him so much, I just do.



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