Diamond Comics Secures Deal With Toho To Bring New Godzilla Toys To America


Diamond Comics, the ruler and king of the comic book industry can now also be known as the new King of the Monsters as it has licensed a new 12″ vinyl Godzilla toy series with Toho which will be coming to America in August. These new toys can be seen in the May issue of Previews, and are being sold in the price range of $160.

The Good:

The first two of the series are the original 1954 Godzilla, and the 1974’s MechaGodzilla. At 12 inches, these are some nice looking figures, and for the hardcore collectors, no need to import since Diamond is doing it for you.

The Bad:

The only problem I foresee is the price and how many shops will actually stock them. I don’t think many small shops will pick them up and just sit on them in hopes of selling them. These would either have to be a special order item which someone paid for ahead of time, or if any shops would pick them up they’d most likely be a chain who could afford to carry a couple or several of these, even if they may have taken a few years to sell and became shelf queens.

We’ll just have to find out when these toys hit the shelves in August.

Credit: Action Figure Fury


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