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Series 2 of the Toys “R” US exclusive Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble figures includes Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America (Steve Rogers) & Iron Man (Extremis). Just like Series 1, these are re-painted/re-tooled figures with a light up Avengers stand. Black Widow was initially the only figure I wanted from Series 2 but it was about time I added a Black Panther to my collection.




Nice window display package with an opening so you can hit the button to light up the stand. Black Panther art on the front and side of the package (side art kind’ve reminds me of Marvel Select packaging). Still not sure why it says comic series because it’s only been comic figures released in this line. You might notice that Hawkeye is no longer on the back of the package, it’s because he was replaced by Extremis Iron Man.




Black Panther is a Wave 5 Guardian body with a Wave 1 Black Panther head. I believe his open left hand is from the Greatest Battles Dark Spider-Man. While this may not be one of the newer sculpts, it’s simple and works. Black Panther’s physique is shown off well and the original headsculpt somehow looks better than it did before. My only complaint is that it would’ve been nice to have some detailing for his boots, gloves and maybe even a belt.




While Black Panther may be cast entirely in black plastic, they made sure to add a blue-ish metallic shine to the figure. They overdid it in some spots and Black Panther ends up looking more like Blue Panther. It’s the same complaint I had with the metallic purple paint wash they put on Dark Spider-Man. Too much blue but not enough that it makes it a bad figure.




18+ POA on the Guardian body. Black Panther has the kind’ve crouching and leaping poses that would’ve been perfect for the newer body such as the Jim Lee Cyclops. Rocker ankles and better neck articulation would’ve made this a near perfect figure. Needless to say it’s a huge improvement from the Wave 1 release that was on the awful Punisher body.




As with Series 1, the light-up base is the main accessory/gimmick. In Black Panther’s case it’s the only accessory. The stand has 4 foot pegs and combines with the other stands to form a “S.H.I.E.L.D. Platform”. Also included is paperwork that apparently explains how the stands snap together. The stand is not worth the $6 to $10 extra bucks.


Comic Book Accuracy


Black Panther is a character who has had many tweaks to his costume over the years. He’s been featured with mouth shown or mouth covered, with and without a cape, with gold jewelry and most recently with Kevlar body armor in Man Without Fear. That being said, his costume has remained all black (or dark blue depending on the artist). This figure is highly accurate to the classic Black Panther but as stated before he’s missing the detailing of the belt, gloves & boots.




This may be a cheap re-paint with an expensive gimmick stand but it’s still the best Marvel Universe Black Panther that Hasbro has ever released. I recommend getting this one to replace the Wave 1 or Target exclusive version. He’ll be joining my favorite classic Avengers lineup of Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver & Hawkeye (from Avengers Vol. 1 #110). Of course I still need Vision and Scarlet Witch hasn’t been released yet.


A huge THANK YOU to dragonkings from the Marvelous News Forums for getting me Black Panther and Black Widow. Series 2 is supposedly showing up in select Toys “R” Us stores but I haven’t seen them hit Florida or their yet. My guess is that there’s so many of Series 1 sitting on the shelves, it’s going to be awhile until you see Series 2 in your local store.


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