Marvel Universe Avengers Light-Up Base Iron Man

Series 1 of the Toys ”R” US exclusive Avengers Light-Up Base figures includes Captain America (Bucky), Hulk, Thor & Iron Man. All of the figures in series 1 have been straight up re-paints packaged with a light up Avengers stand. Let’s see how this Iron Man stacks up after my review of the disappointing Ultron re-paint.


The box has nice window packaging and art that I believe is by Mike Deodato Jr. There’s an opening on the front of the box so you can hit the light up button as much as you want. For you MOC types worried about the batteries staying in there, you can carefully open the box to remove ’em without damaging anything.



100% re-use of Wave 15’s sculpt for the body and head. That said, it’s one of my favorite sculpts in the entire Marvel Universe line. Plenty of sculpted details for the armor while retaining the sleekness of the Bleeding Edge armor. I appreciate the open palm left hand for energy blasts.



Iron Man keeps the same metallic red and nicely painted blue and white details as his previous version. The only difference between the Wave 15 release is the bright mustard yellow instead of metallic gold. I find the yellow to be brighter and brings out the red even better. This figure really stands out because of this slight difference, one of the few re-paints that’s on par or better than it’s original release.



25+ POA! The only flaws are that he’s missing waist articulation and that his hips are slightly hard to pose even with the thigh-cuts because of um… “Iron Butt”. His uh, “Iron Butt” keeps the thighs from moving back enough to stand the figure straight. Flaws aside, Iron Man’s got plenty of articulation for any number of dynamic poses.



The included light-up base is the set’s main accessory and gimmick for this series. This giant figure stand has 4 pegs so you could put more than one figure on it. When you hit the button the Avengers A lights upand so does the “Avengers Assemble” sign on the front. If you’re crazy enough to buy 10 of this figures the stands you can snap them together to form a circular “S.H.I.E.L.D. Platform”. Iron Man also includes the silly looking energy blast accessory that has been used way too many times.


Comic Book Accuracy

100% comic book accuracy. While the paint job may be yellow instead of gold, his Bleeding Edge armor looks just like it did when it debuted in Marvel’s Heroic Age (2010). This sleek armor has grown on me and quickly became one of my all-time favorite Iron Man armors.



I find the stands kind’ve corny and over-sized, not nearly enough incentive to spend $19.99 for a single figure at retail. The stand may be going in my junk bin but this Iron Man is going straight to my armory. Pick this one up if you didn’t get the Wave 12 release (Modular Armor Iron Man) or pick it up anyways if you’re just a big fan of Iron Man like myself.


The Avengers Light-Up figures retail at Toys ”R” US for $19.99 but I picked mine up on sale for $12.99. While the light-up bases don’t do much for me and I don’t plan on building the “S.H.I.E.L.D. platform”, I still hope this set makes it to Series 2. Series 2 will have Hawkeye & Black Panther and i’m really curious to see what their paint jobs look like.


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  1. Geek Toys November 25, 2011 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    lol, that last photo makes me think they are going to say “Iron Twin Powers Activate!”

  2. Mike Favata
    mikefavata November 27, 2011 at 2:38 am - Reply

    Form of… Iron Man!

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