Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Daredevil & Bullseye

Daredevil & Bullseye is part of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs Wave 5. Wave 5 also includes the Quicksilver & Wonder Man comic pack. Both Daredevil & Bullseye have had multiple Marvel Universe figures, so let’s see how much they’ve improved.


Nice display packaging showing off the figures & the comic included. Not 100% sure who drew the package art but I believe it’s Mike Deodato Jr., either way it looks good. Back of the package shows off the Quicksilver & Wonder Man pack and the Power Man & Iron Fist from the last wave. If you like ’em MOC, this is yet another nice pick up.



The original releases of Daredevil & Bullseye in Wave 1 used the same oddly-proportioned body that fans grew to dislike instantly. Hasbro must’ve listened because both of these figures use the Jim Lee Cyclops body and they lok fantastic. Both figures have brand new headsculpts that are perfect, right down to Bullseye’s smirk. Daredevil has a belt with a holster for his billy clubs and Bullseye’s belt has both holsters for his gun & knife.



One of the only complaints about this set is that Hasbro went a little overboard with the dark paint wash on Daredevil. The black stands out a little too much on the dull red of Daredevil. Bullseye on the other hand is perfect. Bullseye’s costume is simple but they made sure to paint it perfectly.



With the Jim Lee Cyclops mold being used for both figures you’re getting 25+ POA for as many poses as you can possibly want. Rocker-ankles, waist-swivels, improved neck & head movement, the articulation on these figures is insane.



Since this is a comic pack, you get Daredevil #132 included which features these two arch enemies fighting at the circus. Daredevil comes with his billy club that can be attached to form a staff. Bullseye comes with a pistol and a dagger, both kind’ve flimsy but they look good and fit in his hands perfectly.


Comic Book Accuracy

100% comic book accuracy. This is the definitive Daredevil & Bullseye for Marvel comics fans. Bullseye has a black costume which he’s used more recently (some artists draw him dark blue instead) and Daredevil is in his classic costume that he still wears today. Bullseye died in Shadowland but odds are he’ll still be wearing this look when Marvel inevitably brings him back to life.



If you have any of the previous releases of Daredevil or Bullseye… get rid of them. Donate/sell/use for customs or whatever you want to do, but these are the two figures that should be in any Marvel Universe collection. This is probably the best comic pack Hasbro’s ever released and that’s without any exaggeration. Seriously, this is even beter than the Deadpool & Taskmaster pack (which I thought couldn’t be topped). The perfect sculpts, articulation, accessories, etc. The future of the Marvel Universe line is now and it’s a beautiful thing. For $14.99 retail there’s no reason you should pass up on these two iconic Marvel characters. On a side note, now that i’ve got a Bullseye figure i’m tempted to put together the Civil War Thunderbolts team (great yet another team i’m gonna build haha).


Still haven’t seen these in stores so I picked ’em up at Amazon. Should hit Target, Toys ”R” US & Walmart shortly, and of course make sure to check your LCS.


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