Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Wonder Man & Quicksilver

In addition to Daredevil & Bullseye, Greatest Battles Comics Packs Wave 5 included Wonder Man & Quicksilver. With this being the first time Wonder Man & Quicksilver have been released in the Marvel Universe, it’s nice to see a pack with two new figures. I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile so i’ve got high hopes for the surly speedster and the man powered by ionic energy.


More excellent display packaging for the Greatest Battles line. Nice art (Mike Deodato Jr.?) on the front of the package and the back of the card shows the rest of the wave and a small bio on Wonder Man & Quicksilver. This would look great displayed for you MOC collectors.



Both figures reuse older sculpts with Wonder Man using the Wave 7 Warpath body (with a new belt) and Quicksilver using the Wave 3 Black Costume Spider-Man body. Both figures have new headsculpts, with Quicksilver’s being especially detailed (his hair looks perfect). For reuses they’re decent choices, Warpath gives Wonder Man plenty of bulk since he’s always been a power house. While the sleeker Spider-Man body works extremely well for the svelt speedster body of Quicksilver. Probably my only complaint is the hands given to Wonder Man limit his poses, they’re weirdly angled half open fists. Overall though, smart re-use of parts to make two all new figures.



Both figures have excellent paint jobs. Quicksilver’s zig zags on his costumes are done perfectly and very very detailed (even if it’s kind’ve jumbled where they meet near his waist). Quicksilver also has a nice paint wash to darken him up a bit, not overused either (see Daredevil or other recent figures). Wonder Man has a simple but solid paint job, the W on his costume looks perfect and so do his red eyes. I would’ve liked his costume painted without a collar, which was his most common look. The collar isn’t a huge deal though and that’s more of an accuracy issue rather than a paint one.



18+ POA. While Wonder Man & Quicksilver use two different sculpts they both have roughly the same articulation. While it would’ve been nice to see these figures with the articulation of the Cable or Jim Lee Cyclops mold, these older bodies still have plenty of movement. Quicksilver can be posed in a running position and still stand on one leg, which makes for some great poses.



Unless you count Wonder Man’s rocket belt as an accessory (it’s not), this set has zero accessories. But it’s a comic pack which wouldn’t be complete without a comic (obviously). This set includes Avengers West Coast (West Coast Avengers Vol. 2) #60 where Quicksilver helps the team against Magneto and the Scarlet Witch (driven mad by Immortus). I’ve got the entire run of the West Coast Avengers and it’s one of my favorite comics of all time so this one gets extra points from me.


Comic Book Accuracy

Near perfect comic accuracy. Quicksilver is 100% accurate and perfect from his pointy hair to his iconic blue costume (he’s worn others but this is the classic). Wonder Man i’ve got a couple problems with, such as the fact his shirt isn’t collarless (as brought up before) and that he’s missing his beloved mullet.



A great use of older figures to bring two new (much needed) characters to the Marvel Universe. Both characters have been used recently, Quicksilver’s currently teaching with Avengers Academy and Wonder Man’s gone anti-hero to form the Revengers to take down all Avengers teams. If you’re a fan of the Avengers or classic Marvel heroes, picking this one up will be an easy choice to make. Time to start putting the Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers together (hey Hasbro we need Mockingbird, Tigra & Pym ASAP).


Picked ’em up at Amazon because most stores still only have the Power Man & Iron Fist/Captain Britain & Spider-Man packs. Comic Packs Wave 5 should hit Target, Toys ”R” US & Walmart shortly, and of course make sure to check your LCS.


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