Marvel Universe Series 3 #017 Ultron

Ultron was released in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Series 3 Wave 15. Wave 15 also included Darkhawk, Steve Rogers, Sub-Mariner & X-23. Let’s see how this repainted villain stacks up against his previous release.


Nice packaging with a really awesome looking Ultron by Simone Bianchi. Shouldn’t be any complaints for the MOC collectors.



Re-uses the Secret Wars Ultron body (also used by Doctor Doom) and head. Left hand is ready for an energy blast but his right hand is ready to pull the trigger on a gun (that’s not included). Other than the hand, there’s no major complaints on this nicely detailed sculpt.



The difference between this Ultron and the Secret Wars Ultron is strictly the paint. Wave 15’s Ultron has a green eyes and mouth (previously red) and the highlights on his body’s details are also neon green (previously blue). While I have some complaints on the accuracy of this color, the green really does standout on the silver body.



22+ POA on the Ultron body. Other than the usual complaint of hard to pose hips, he’s got a big problem with his ridiculously easy to move chest. It’s very loose makes it hard to keep him in a pose without moving on his own.



Ultron comes with the usual Marvel Universe figure stand. It would’ve been nice to maybe include a mini Ant-Man or some sort of accessory.


Comic Book Accuracy

The body, headsculpt & detailing are the definitive classic Ultron (also used recently in The Mighty Avengers). What’s not classic Ultron? Neon green. Since his first appearance in Avengers #54 (1968) he’s had green coloring maybe twice. It may look ok on the figure but for accuracy purposes I find it distracting. Ultron should have a red mouth and eyes (like his previously released Secret Wars version).



I’d only recommend picking Wave 15’s Ultron up if you can’t find the = Secret Wars version (which I just ordered for myself after opening up this one). The un-accurate green paint job doesn’t justify buying this 100% re-painted previously released figure. If you have the previous version and need a reason to get this one, army build him for an Ultron army.


Picked this one up at a Target, by now he should be peg warming the shelves of your LCS or  local Toy store.


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2 Comments on "Marvel Universe Series 3 #017 Ultron"

  1. Zach C. November 23, 2011 at 4:23 am - Reply

    Great Review! 🙂 And yeah, this figure really disappointed me too. For god’s sake, the card art seems to depict his modern armor (with the very futuristic flaps and armor scutes all over) and we get…his original costume with green highlights???…

    Well short of trying to sculpt a whole new body to match the card art for the poor guy, I had some great sucess just taking the head of this Ultron and putting it on the body of the IM2 Mark II armor. It really like it was meant to be that way, and it really makes me wish Hasbro had at least given us a new modern style torso on this figure….

  2. Mike Favata
    mikefavata November 27, 2011 at 2:42 am - Reply


    That’s a smart idea with the Ultron head on the Mk II.

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