Marvel Universe Series 3 #018 Darkhawk

Darkhawk was released in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Series 3 Wave 15. Wave 15 also included UltronSteve RogersSub-Mariner & X-23. Nice to see some more cosmic in the Marvel Universe line.


Awesome Darkhawk art by Simone Bianchi. Deeper than usual packaging to make room for Darkhawk’s attached wings. A nice display piece for the MOC types.



Darkhawk re-uses the Black Spider-Man body. Newly sculpted head, which looks really good. Darkhawk’s gauntlets, belt & shoulder piece are also new. The spikes on his right hand are a little fragile but overall the armor looks good. There’s a notch in each of the gauntlets for his wings to attach to.



Excellent paint job, the blue has a metallic sheen to it and really makes the figure standout.



18+ POA. While he may lack the thigh cuts and rocker ankles of the newer figures, Darkhawk is highly pose-able whether you’ll have him fighting on the ground or in air. His shoulder piece limits his arm movement a little but not enough to be a problem.



Darkhawk comes with the usual figure stand. His only real accessory which isn’t really an extra considering it’s part of the figure are his snap on wings.


Comic Book Accuracy

Near perfect comic book accuracy for Darkhawk. The colors & armor are perfect. This is the definitive modern Darkhawk.



One of the more surprising Marvel Universe releases, i’m really glad they made a figure for this c-list hero. I’d recommend picking him up for your cosmic Marvel collection or if you’re building your West Coast Avengers team. I hope Hasbro continues to make figures for the more obscure characters. I mean hey, they put out 4 Captain Britain figures so anything is possible.


There’s rumors of a “classic Darkhawk” variant but it’s yet to have been released. Picked this one up at Past Present Future Comics. Still a relatively new release, so you should be able to find Darkhawk at TRU/Walmart/Target/etc. or even your LCS.


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