Marvel Universe Series 3 #021 Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers was recently released in Series 3 Wave 15 of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line (2011). Wave 15 also includes Darkhawk, Sub-Mariner, Ultron & X-23. This is a figure i’ve been waiting for ever since he was announced at SDCC. Time to tear this one open!


I’m not one of those mint-on-card never-remove-from-box types when it comes to toys. I prefer to free them from their plastic prisons. Nonetheless, if MOC is for you the series usually has awesome art and simple packaging. Italian comic artist Simone Bianchi did the artwork for this wave and i’m diggin’ the VERY smug looking Steve Rogers. That’s some Alex Ross-esque smugness right there. Kind’ve funny that it says CAPTAIN AMERICA in big letters when he wasn’t Captain at the time he wore it (Bucky was).



Amazing sculpt for this figure, the amount of detail in the belt straps and his harness is ridiculous. High detail in his boot coverings, this is probally the most buckles i’ve ever seen on a figure. The head sculpt is pretty spot-on so I have a feeling alot of people will buy this figure and put the head on their Captain America for an unmasked look. I like that both of his hands are in trigger ready position since he comes with two guns. Bulky enough that you know he’s a super soldier, especially when compared to MU’s early Captain America figures.



One of the problems with Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line is questionable quality control when it comes to paint. Steve Rogers for the most part has a great paint job but mine has some random splotches of paint on the leg and he’s got a slightly lazy left eye. For the amount of detail in this figure any small imperfections are easily forgiven. The buckles/straps, the detailing on the gloves, the stars and stripes on his chest… all perfect. If you want a perfect paint job on a MU figure, try to pick the best one in person vs. ordering online.



Using the newer mold first introduced with the Jim Lee Cyclops he’s got the waist swivel and the thigh cuts. Over 24 points of articulation so you’ll be able to pose Commander Rogers however you want. I worry if they add anymore articulation to these figures they’ll have trouble standing up but i’m a huge fan of the new body they are using.



Included is a figure stand, a pistol & a machine gun. I personally don’t use the included figure stands because half the figures didn’t come with them originally so it was weird having some on the official stands and some without. I use generic clear stands for my MU figures but the official ones are nice quality. I like the fact that it says Commander Rogers instead of Captain America since that was his official title for this uniform. He uses guns in Secret Avengers so it makes sense to include them here and the pistol is especially cool . Would’ve been 5/5 if they included his energy shield but it’s not that big of a complaint since he didn’t use it that much anyways.


Comic Book Accuracy

100% accurate to the comic books. Steve started wearing this uniform at the beginning of the Heroic Age and as the leader of the Secret Avengers. While he’s gone back to being Captain America (Fear Itself), he’s still Commander Rogers in the Warren Ellis written Secret Avengers. As far as I can tell it’s only missing the small white line that goes down the sleeve but it isn’t noticeable. This is about as close to the comics you will get in a toy, Hasbro definitely put alot of research into this one.



This is easily one of the best figures ever released in the Marvel Universe line. Whether you’re a fan of Captain America, the Avengers or cool toys in general… this is a must buy. I’m more than happy to include Steve in my Secret Avengers (Heroic Age) team. Now i’ve got to wait for Ant-Man, Beast, Nova, Sharon Carter & Valkyrie!


I’ve had some trouble finding these in stores before the scalpers get them so I ordered mine online from Kokomo Toys. Your best best to find it retail will be Target but Wal-Mart  & Toys R US also carry the line. Support your LCS and tell them to order MU!


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