Marvel Universe Series 3 #022 Tony Stark

Tony Stark – Iron Man is part of Marvel Universe Series 3 Wave 16 which also includes Absorbing Man, Astonishing Wolverine, Iceman & Magneto. When Tony Stark was announced alot of people expected this to be Tony in a suit, out of the armor. Let’s just say that’s not exactly what this is.


Simon Bianchi continues his solid artwork for Wave 16’s packaging. To be a little nitpicky Iron Man’s repulsors aren’t blue with the Extremis armor, but that’s not really a big deal. Anyways, this should look nice displayed for you MOC types.



The body is a complete re-use of Series 2 Wave 7’s Iron Man. It’s a great mold with plenty of detail for the armor. I loved it when it was first released, was actually the first MU figure I ever purchased. The head is a lazy re-use of Series 2 Wave 10 Multiple Man. Great sculpt but nothing different from the previous releases.



Like the two previous releases the Extremis armor has a beautiful paint job. The differences this time are that the reactor and repulsors are blue (which isn’t exactly comic accurate). The head… it’s a mustache painted on Multiple Man’s head. They did a uh, nice job painting the mustache.



Same articulation as the previous releases. Other than the hard to pose thigh swivels, the articulation (16+ POA) is adequate.



The figure stand included has two versions. Some say “Iron Man” and the others say “Tony Stark”, as far as I know the “Tony Stark” stands were the first release. Blue repulsor blast is included. The plastic blasts always look corny and he doesn’t shoot blue beams anyways. Now here’s the final and main accessory… an extra armored head (from the previous versions). While i’ve welcomed the idea of including alternate heads with the figures, I hoped it would be better than this. Good idea, bad execution.


Comic Book Accuracy

When Extremis Iron Man removed his helmet in the comics it was usually just Tony Stark’s head that you’d see. As far as I can tell they modeled this head after the endo-shell layer that is under the armor. That’s fine and all but he’s never really looked like that in the comics.



If you own either of the previous versions of this figure (Series 2 Wave or Greatest Battles 2-Pack) then you have no reason to buy this figure. A mustached Multiple Man head and repulsor color change should not warrant spending $7 to $10. If you don’t have an Extremis Iron Man figure? Well then this is a nice pickup and you’ll probally be throwing the unmasked head away.


Purchased online from Kokomo Toys. Wave 16 should be hitting LCS‘s, Toys R US, Target & Wal-Mart shortly.


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