Marvel Universe Series 3 #025 Astonishing Wolverine

Astonishing Wolverine is part of Marvel Universe Series 3 Wave 16 which included Absorbing Man, Iceman, Magneto & Tony Stark. It took Hasbro 16 waves to finally release Wolverine in his modern costume, but is he worth the wait?


Simon Bianchi card art that features Wolverine leaping claws-out. No complaints here, nice display piece for my MOC friends.



Astonishing Wolverine is another figure that re-uses previous parts. The body is from the Wolverine & Colossus X-Men: Origins 2-Pack. While some may not like the movie bodies, i’m a fan that the figure is short & stocky enough to be a legit Wolverine. The head sculpt is from the recent X-Force team pack.



Excellent paint job on Wolverine. The suit looks fantastic and with the blue really standing out from the yellow. Nice detailing on the face and teeth.



The downside of the X-Men Origins movie body is those hard to pose ball hips. Mine seem to be stuck which limits Wolverine’s leg movements. That being said the figure still has 16+ POA and will look awesome in any number of poses.



Wolverine isn’t really a figure that needs accessories but he’s included with a figure stand. It would’ve been nice to include an alternate unmasked head like the one used in the Wolverine & Colossus 2-Pack.


Comic Book Accuracy

Logan’s been using this since 2004’s Astonishing X-Men #1 (where the X-Men returned to costumed heroics). Each artist draws this costume slightly different, such as the X-Buckle being on the belt or chest and differences with the gloves and blue patterns. Nearly 100% comic accurate, this is Astonishing Wolverine.



After 16 waves and numerous sub par figures, we have a definitive modern Wolverine. Ignore all previous releases and get this one for your modern Marvel Universe. Finally, Astonishing Wolverine will be joining my Heroic Age Avengers.


Purchased online from Kokomo Toys. Wave 16 should be hitting LCS‘s, Toys R US, Target & Wal-Mart shortly.


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