Marvel Universe Team Pack Future Foundation

The most recent wave of Marvel Universe’s team packs included Guardians of the Galaxy and a Future Foundation variant of the Fantastic 4 set. A running change means that the variant will replace the original for all future releases.



While the figures may be Future Foundation, the packaging is still Fantastic 4. You can even see the original release figures on the back of the box. Nice art by Mike Deodato Jr. on the front, this displays the figures nicely if you’re one of those MOC types.




All of the sculpts are re-used from previous releases. Mr. Fantastic uses the black Spider-Man body and a newly sculpted head, which I prefer to his previous Secret Wars release. Thing uses the revised pants body and head from his 2009 Series 1 running change. Thing’s mold is still awesome, there’s so much detail in every piece of rock. It’s a shame they didn’t give Thing a tank top but i’ll get to that later on. Invisible Woman uses the early female body (Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, etc.) and a brand new head. Her face sculpt is simple but it looks exactly like Sue Storm. The sculpting isn’t FANTASTIC (haha) but it works for this set, they look like the Future Foundation and that’s what counts.




With the amount of lines on the new FF suits, I had my worries that Hasbro would’ve made some mistakes with the set. Reed and Sue both look amazing and the black lines really stands out on the white uniforms. Thing’s skin looks better than alot of his previous MU releases, but for some reason his pants are a slightly grayer than Reed & Sue’s. Excellent paint jobs all around, which is good considering I didn’t pick this one up myself in the store.




Very average articulation (16+ POA) with all three figures using older bodies. Thing looks good in any pose but you might not find Reed & Sue that moveable. I don’t mind the female mold but that Black suit Spider-Man body is used way too often, it’s legs are awkward to pose. It’s still a nice set but I would’ve liked to see the Cyclops body used for Reed and the new female body for Sue.




The set doesn’t come with any accessories but you do get the 4th member of the Fantastic 4 included! Yep, FF member H.E.R.B.I.E.! Some of you might be wondering who H.E.R.B.I.E. is or why he’s included. When the Fantastic Four had a cartoon in the 1960’s, they didn’t have the rights to Human Torch so they made a zany robot member. Nobody really liked H.E.R.B.I.E. and he’s only been used a handful of times in the comics. This was a pretty cheap way to put Fantastic FOUR on a box set with THREE figures. There’s a very good chance you’ll be throwing this little guy in your junk bin, mine falls over if I try to stand him up on a flat surface.


Comic Book Accuracy


Reed and Sue are damn near 100% comic book accurate. The lines on the uniform, the logo, hair color, are all straight from the comics. What keeps this set from being perfect is the fact that Thing is missing his FF tank top. Except for one promo poster, Thing has had a shirt on in every single Future Foundation appearance. This feels like it was a matter of Hasbro cheapening out and not wanting to re-tool the Thing mold. Thing aside, this is a very nice start to building an accurate Future Foundation team.




While I may have a fair amount of complaints about this set, I certainly don’t regret picking it up. The Future Foundation is a very welcome team to my Marvel Universe collection, and I prefer this set over the regular blue Fantastic 4 release. For you fellow team builders, there will be a Future Foundation Spider-Man in wave 19 (2012). I’m pretty sure Doctor Doom will get a FF variant at some point since Hasbro loves an easy repaint.


At some point the Future Foundation should be available in Toys R US, Wal-Mart or any store that you could purchase the Fantastic 4 set previously. I found mine thanks to a tip by evilanimation on the Marvelous News forums, he called Hasbro and it turned out their warehouse only has the FF variants in stock. So I ordered the set from HasbroToyShop along with Guardians of the Galaxy (back ordered) and received free shipping. As always check your LCS first and see if they can order it for you.


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