McFarlane Halo Action Figures, A Toy Review



After starting Bungie’s swan song in the Halo franchise, Halo: Reach, I began loving these characters. Each one unique and essential to the team in their own ways. Also, I’d been away from McFarlane’s figures for quite a while too. It seems the toy gnomes over there have been quite busy in my absence. McFarlane’s figures have become quite articulated. These figures have some of the best articulation found on 6” scale figures. The ball-joint wrists have been improved on with actual swivel and rotation joints so they can more accurately hold weapons. Even adding ball-joint toes take the poses into a whole new realm for McFarlane figures. These guys did a great job on this line.
And speaking of the line up. I’m certainly glad that Jorge and Emile are my two favorites as they made it into series one along with Noble Six. I’ve read that Carter and Kat round out series two and Jun is nowhere to be seen. Isn’t that always the way with snipers.

To meet the members of Noble Team, check out Bungie’s video “A Spartan Will Rise” and, as always, check out my flickr set of these guys. Later.



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  1. rc vliegtuig August 14, 2012 at 6:18 am - Reply

    This McFarlane Halo action figures are looking so awesome and exciting. Although I had seen so much toys and action figures of halo series but these are the best of them.

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