Spider-Man Series 2 Stretch Strike Venom

Stretch Strike Venom was released in 2011 Series 2 Wave 1 of the 3-3/4″ Spider-Man line. Series 2 Wave 1 probably also included a bunch of Spider-Man figures in ridiculous costumes such as cowboy, astronaut & snowboarder.


Venom’s giant turd(?) is blocking the view of the figure a bit, other than that decent display packaging. The Spider-Man line is definitely made for kids with tag lines like “Stretchy Arm Attack!”. If you’re the MOC type, no major complaints for you other than the obtrusive accessory.




This is definitely the biggest, baddest tank of a Venom figure ever made in the 3-3/4″ scale. His arms and huge and there’s plenty of detail with his veiny skin. Excellent sculpting on the head, the teeth and tongue look fantastic. The only knock on the sculpt is the symbiote tendrils coming off his body are a little distracting.




Decent paint on the face, especially around the mouth. The Venom Spider logo on the chest and back is perfect, highly detailed and really stands out. The only knock on the paintjob is they kind’ve overdid it with the shiny purple wash. Other than that, no complaints.




While Venom may only have 11+ POA, he’s still pretty pose-able. This figure lacks wrist, ankle & waist articulation but it’s not a huge surprise since the entire Spider-Man line is known for it’s low POA.



Venom comes with his stretchy arm attack symbiote. Personally, I think it looks more like a giant turd with teeth. It’s got a hard plastic base to snap onto Venom’s arm, the rest of the symbiote is a bendable rubbery material that can be stretched. Needless to say this turd is getting thrown in the junk bin.


Comic Book Accuracy


Let’s get this out of the way, this isn’t the classic Eddie Brock Venom from your childhood. It’s Mac Gargan (The Scorpion) with the Venom symbiote. While Gargan Venom has looked slightly different depending on the comic and the artist, it’s highly comic book accurate. I’m pretty sure this is how he looked just after Secret Invasion and right before he became Spider-Man in the Dark Avengers.




While this figure has a ridiculous accessory and lacks articulation, he’s still in my opinion the best 3-3/4″ Venom on the market. This figure has convinced me to start my Thunderbolts (The Initiative) team along with Green Goblin & Bullseye. Now Hasbro needs to put out Moonstone, Songbird, Penance, Radioactive Man & Songbird. If you want a more classic version there’s the Toxic Blast Venom from series 1.


Since the majority of the Spider-Man series figures are kind’ve awful (to say the least), it’s not easy to find the later waves in stores. I snagged this guy off eBay but i’ve heard he can be found at the Disney Store of all places.


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  1. Scott February 13, 2012 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    I notice the prototype of the arm symbiote has painted eyes, and they didn’t bother painting the eyes in on the actual toy release, other than that it looks pretty cool.

    • Michael "Mike" Favata February 13, 2012 at 8:28 pm - Reply

      I guess if you can’t polish a turd, you might as well not paint it either.

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