The Phantom Menace Strikes Back in The Vintage Collection

Say what you will about The Phantom Menace, for Star Wars fans it was a firestorm of hype, excitement, anticipation and for some (most?) disappointment. For me, I loved it and still do … mostly. What comes to mind most when I think of TPM was the months leading up to the opening. I’d read the novelization, listened to the soundtrack and of course had attended the midnight launch of the figures at Toys ‘R Us. And it’s that memory alone that is invoked with Hasbro’s newest wave of The Vintage Collection featuring characters from TPM. So I’ll stop yammering and get on with the pics. That’s what you’re here for anyway right? And as always, may the force be with you.

These are the only four figures I'll be getting from this wave. The awesome Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan figures had already been released. But if you missed them, now's the time to pick them up.

This new wave of TVC figures features a vintage design that I must say is a welcome change.

This is probably the best Natalie Portman likeness we've ever received. Very nice.

The Queen does come with a pistol but with sleeves like these, who needs a weapon?

We get two backpacks for the Battle Droid, one full and one with just antennae. Nice to have options.

Not only did we get a Battle Droid that can actually stand on his own, we got one that stand in poses as well. Miracles do happen.

In the package I noticed his neck was a little short, when I removed him, I noticed it could be depressed. THIS FIGURE COLLAPSES! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a sleeper figure. I'm sure he'll be warming pegs in no time, however, I couldn't have been happier I bought this figure … once I got him out of the package.

So what if he didn't have his lightsaber in TPM, I'm glad they included it.

Now here's a version of Palpatine that I wish had made it to the big screen. And yes, the figure also comes with a unlit hilt for tabbing into his belt. Super nice touch.

The TVC Palpatine/Sidious falls somewhere between the Saga Legends Emperor and TVC ROTS Palpatine (Crazy Rich Woman version). Easily the best of the bunch.


Yes, that big @$$ hilt tabs into his belt! NICE! Notice that his robe is tattered and the edges are frayed. Nothing but perfection here.

The hood is a tad large but that's to accommodate the horned head sculpt underneath. It's very easy to overlook when every other detail is perfection.

His drone communicator is molded onto his wrist. Did I mention this figure was perfect?

All photos were taken with an iPhone 4Gs.



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