Thor Fire Blast Marvel’s Destroyer

Fire Blast Marvel’s Destroyer is part of Thor: The Mighty Avengers Movie Series Wave 2. Wave 2 also includes Thunder Axe Thor, Harpoon Blade Fandral, Blade Battle Marvel’s Hogun & Ram Smash Volstagg. Thor: The Mighty Avenger didn’t have any comic series figures but is the Destroyer close enough to be comic accurate?


Decent enough movie packaging. Opening in the plastic so you can press Destroyer’s light up button. I do get a kick out of how certain characters have to be called “Marvel’s” for copyright/trademark reasons. See Marvel’s Wrecker or Marvel’s Dark Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe line for further sillyness.



Detailed sculpt for the Destroyer armor. It’s a good looking bulky tank of a sculpt but it’s not without it’s flaws. The light up button and the battery compartment are very noticeable and look a little cheesy. Destroyer’s head is cast in a clear plastic that doesn’t match the rest of the body. On the plus side, the lines in the armor and small spikes were done very well. Strangely enough this figure doesn’t have peg holes on his feet.



Simply light metallic grey paint job. The paint is light enough that when you hit the light button you can see the red through the paint. I really wish they painted over the clear head though, it would’ve improved the figure greatly.



Only 15+ POA for this big guy. The arms are a bit stiff and there’s no movement in the waist. Decent enough articulation leg articulation helps makes up for lacking areas. The Destroyer is a slow moving tank and this figure can be posed as such. As far as the light up feature goes, you’ll pretty much only be able to make his head light up if you’re playing with Destroyer in a pitch black room.



No accessories included but you do get a printed diagram on how to change the Destroyer’s batteries. If only Thor knew Destroyer could be easily stopped by battery removal.


Comic Book Accuracy

While the figure may have been released as part of a movie series, he’s VERY comic accurate. In the comics the Destroyer armor has been known to change size but it’s mostly been slightly taller than Thor. Looks great from the armor design, to the spikes and to the head. Near perfect accuracy.



If you can find this figure i’d recommend picking him up despite any complaints I have about the sculpting & articulation. This movie figure will make a great comic villain for any 3-3/4″ Marvel Universe collection and i’m happy he’s part of mine.


There’s another release of this figure in the hard to find Wave 4. Inferno Marvel’s Destroyer, which is the same figure with a darker paint job with light up eyes. Thor: The Mighty Avenger has ended it’s run so you’ll probably have to check the clearance section at Wal-Mart, Target, TRU, etc. and of course your LCS.


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