Walking Dead Comic Series 1 Officer Rick Grimes

Officer Rick Grimes is part of McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Comic Series 1. Comic Series 1 also includes Michonne, Zombie Lurker & Zombie Roamer. The Walking Dead has been my favorite ongoing comic since it debuted in 2003, so needless to say I have high hopes for their toys.


You MOC types are in luck, this is some great display packaging. Great zombie art by The Walking Dead’s Charlie Adlard, I like that the zombies look like they’re reaching for the figure. Wide card shows off the large number of accessories included. The pictures and details for the rest of Comic Series 1 are on the back.



The Walking Dead figures are around 5″ tall. Just short enough to look out of scale with the 6″ figures and way bigger than the 3.75″/1:18 stuff. Visually it’s a quality sculpt, plenty of attention to detail. Rick’s jacket, badge, pants all are highly detailed. The face is questionable but close enough to look like Rick. Another huge problem is the pre-posed legs. His left leg is longer than the right so it makes for extremely awkward stances. Yes, his left leg is substantially longer than his right.



Decent paint job, not too bright but just enough color in the right places. The blue of the shirt looks great and so does the blood on his bandaged hand. There’s one major problem with the paint though… Rick’s eyes are painted as if he’s looking behind him. Rick Grimes can’t look forward. Ever.



And this one continues to go downhill. I had my worries when I heard McFarlane would be doing the Walking Dead figures. Known for making “action statues” rather than action figures, I hoped they would go back to the drawing board for these make an easy to move figure. 22+ POA and most of them are useless since his legs can pretty much only be posed in one way or he falls over. You can thank his one longer leg (see Sculpting). Even with his Mego-like wrist swivels he has trouble holding any of his included guns. Yep, this is classic McFarlane action statue articulation. You can have 100 joints but they don’t mean squat if you can’t use ’em.



Well at least Rick comes with plenty of accessories. You get 4 highly detailed shotguns, his classic hand axe, a pistol & a gun bag. The axe and pistol can be holstered on his belt and all of his shotguns fit in his gun bag. It’s kind’ve neat to see a figure that can actually carry this many accessories.


Comic Book Accuracy

This looks exactly like Rick from the early issues of the Walking Dead when he still wore his sheriff’s deputy outfit. Not counting the face which only slightly looks like Rick, this one has 100% accuracy down to the bandaged hand.



Let’s just say i’m glad I got these on sale or I would’ve regret my purchase, which is sad considering how much I love The Walking Dead. There is no way these figures are worth $19.99 (Toys ”R” US price) and questionable at $14.99. With the classic McFarlane “Toys” problems, this is definitely a figure that is more enjoyable in the package than out of it. If you can get him to stand properly, Rick will look nice on your shelf.


There are two variants of this figure, black & white and a blood covered one. Picked these up during Past Present Future‘s Black Friday sales, you should be able to find ’em at your LCS or Toys”R”US.


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