Walking Dead Comic Series 1 Zombie Lurker

Zombie Lurker is the second of McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Comic Series 1’s zombies. Series 1 also includes Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne & Zombie Roamer. Let’s split this body in half!


More solid Charlie Adlard art on nice display packaging. Pretty wide package for a small figure but it’s still not that distracting.



A visually awesome sculpt. This is a zombie with plenty of decay, quite frankly it’s beautiful if you’re into that sort’ve thing. Even when you split open the figure his guts are extremely detailed and even the spine looks fantastic. The body split is a much better gimmick than that of the Zombie Roamer.



Everything from the skin to the cuts and wounds are painted very well. The highlight being the paint job on his guts. “Disgustingly wonderful” this zombie fan says. The whited out eyes show that this is a zombie that’s been dead for quite some time. The shirt and pants are also aged nicely.



So much for a positive review… while the Zombie Lurker has better articulation than the Zombie Roamer it’s not perfect. 12+ POA, his lower half is still very hard to pose but at least he’s easier to keep standing up. For a McFarlane action statue, it’s well articulated.



There’s no accessories but the Zombie Lurker does have a removeable right hand/arm, guts and skull. Points for how fun it is to remove the parts but some sort of accessory would’ve been nice.


Comic Book Accuracy

Like the Roamer, he’s not a specific zombie from The Walking Dead. Not a huge deal considering all the undead that have been featured in nearly 100 issues. The Lurker looks like he could be a zombie from the b0ok and that’s what counts.



Once you get past the limited articulation this is a fun well made figure. It’s hard not to split him in half and make him drag guts across your desk. If you’re only going to get one figure from this series or you’re just a fan of zombies, i’d recommend picking up Zombie Lurker.


Zombie Lurker has a bloody black & white variant available in a comic-store exclusive 2-pack. Picked these up during Past Present Future‘s Black Friday sales, you should be able to find ‘em at your LCS or Toys”R”US.


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