Walking Dead Comic Series 1 Zombie Roamer

Zombie Roamer is one of two zombies in McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Comic Series 1. Series 1 also includes Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne & Zombie Lurker. Time to try out the “Head Splitting Action” and “Removable Body Parts”!


Excellent display packaging with Charlie Adlard zombie artwork. The wide packaging looks a little awkward for a figure with very few accessories but it’s not an important detail. Another nice piece for the MOC collectors.



At a glance the sculpt looks good, it looks real good actually. But it’s not. Let’s get this out of the way, there’s a gimmick feature of “Head Splitting Action”. When you hit the button on his lower back his head splits at the sides and guts appear. Pushing the knife in his back is supposed to put his head back together but it just resets the button. Sculpt has some nice details of decay and wear on the clothes (vest is removable). The headsculpt is pretty flimsy because of the action feature.



Decent paint job, Zombie Roamer looks dirty and bloody enough to be undead. Nice detailing on the wounds and face.



8+ POA of awful McFarlane Statue articulation. Don’t even bother trying to pose from the waist down, find a way to get him to stand and stick with it. His right arm won’t lower much at all, pretty much has to be raised at all times. Even less articulation because of the “Head Splitting Action”.



You get a small axe, same as the one included with Officer Rick Grimes except for the red blade. You’re supposed to be able to wedge the axe in the back of his head but of course it won’t stay in there. If it counts as accessories, the right hand and part of the left arm are removable.


Comic Book Accuracy

Doesn’t look like a specific zombie from The Walking Dead. Given the amount of different zombies, it’s understandable they went with a random one. Questionable comic accuracy but fits in well with The Walking Dead.



Once you get bored of the “Head Splitting Action”, you will probably realize this figure is a huge dud. An awkward to stand figure that’s hard to pose with a gimmicky feature. I was hoping The Walking Dead figures would have great zombie figures that i’d want to army build. Needless to say, I will not be buying multiples of this one.


Zombie Roamer has a bloody black & white variant available in a comic-store exclusive 2-pack. Picked these up during Past Present Future‘s Black Friday sales, you should be able to find ‘em at your LCS or Toys”R”US.


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