With the combined power of Deadpool and Doop.

Do you recognize that figure? An official Marvel character who is basically a big green alien potato with nearly unlimited power? Yes, that would be Doop. As a member of the X-Statix, Doop had a wild ride in the comic books. He never got to hang out with Deadpool, however, until he was packaged together with Wade Wilson in the Marvel Legends action figure series. So random, and so cool.

That’s what you get, if you are hardcore enough to open the package and play with the toys. They are worth well over $100 if you keep them in the package. Your choice.

Before you scurry off to see if you can secure that most valuable of funky action figures, let me show you a few more times that Doop got to get buck wild on an officially approved Marvel product. See, I swim deep in the world of sketch card craziness.  It is there that a preening pack of pandemonium breaks loose on the mythos of madmen and maniacs like Deadpool and Doop.  The artists who create the original art miniature masterpieces inserted at random are given free reign to interpret our beloved characters in any way they see fit.  The cards are reviewed and approved by the Marvel mothership before they are released, and these delicious Doop designs actually made the cut.

Those drawings are the absolute bomb, and they were created by Anjin Anhut in 2008.  They were scattered all over the world in packs of Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces, and collectors scrambled like lunatics hoping to grab one.  I got the Cap.

And now, in Rittenhouse Archives’ new Marvel Universe set, Chris Foreman is bringin’ it back!  Yes sir, these cards are real too.  I have already acquired the Captain America and the Thor for my collection, but the Deadpool is still at large.

Happy Hunting, with the combined power of Deadpool and Doop. They are two of the wackiest comic book characters of all time, and that makes the chase so much more satisfying.




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  1. Anjin Anhut November 3, 2011 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    Hey, nice article. Foreman’s pieces look mighty tasty. I did get a lot of recognition for my Doop cards. I’m from Germany and over here this character is basically unknown. So I was surprised to see them being such a hot item.

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