Infinite Mushroom Independent Comic Showcase

Infinite Mushroom—the geek capital of Titusville—kicked off a new year of nerdery with its very first Independent Comic Showcase. Centered in the Sears Town Mall and free to attendees, the comic book bash saw the attendance of cosplayers, fans, independent artists, and curious passers-by.

The Scoop:

What – a showcase of local comic artists and authors

When – 10:00AM-5:00PM

Where – Infinite Mushroom Comic and Game Shoppe (3550 S Washington Ave, Ste 29, Titusville, Florida 32780)

Who – EDBOT5000, CRYO-JOE, Kool as Heck, Kennedy Cooke-Garza, Space Coast Comixx, Fatman Comics, Baker Comics, Kyle Dean, Cutsceneaddict, Amy Covel, Starfleet

Price – FREE!

Perks – Cosplay Contest ($40 cumulative store credit prize), Independent Comic Artists Alley

infinite mushroom

The Infinite Mushroom’s third physical event celebrated the independent artist. At least seven comic artists attended, setting up eye-catching displays in the mall lobby and selling their original comics alongside prints, magnets, and fanart (some in limited, numbered quantities). The mall’s open environment afforded a chance for artists to talk with fans and passers-by alike throughout the afternoon’s events.

sour watermelon infinite mushroomWithin, the Infinite Mushroom bustled with activity. Young and old alike perused the latest issues of their favorite comic series, while others prepared to trade and battle Pokémon Cards in honor of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary.

The local Starfleet branch attended, bringing along a starship’s worth of Tribbles, Redshirts, and Klingons. Two of the group’s members participated in the cosplay contest that evening, winning second place as a team.

Overseen by local cosplayers Cutsceneaddict and Amy Covel, the cosplay contest took place at 2:00pm and awarded prizes of graphic novels and Infinite Mushroom store credit to the 1st-3rd place winners. The first-place winner, who goes by the cosplay name “Sour Watermelon” in the community and online, has been a loyal attendee of the Infinite Mushroom’s past events and was ecstatic to win her first cosplay competition.

There’s plenty more geekery to be had this year, as Infinite Mushroom is already planning an event in May for the 15th anniversary of Free Comic Book Day. Stay tuned to Florida Geek Scene for future coverage!

Infinite Mushroom is a locally owned and operated comic, games, and card shoppe; featuring weekly Magic and Pokémon tournaments, Path Finder Events, and new, interesting, and fun comic books, graphic novels, trade paper backs, and everything geekdom!

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Photography by Amy Covel

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