An Interview with Angus Scrimm

Angus Scrimm As The Tall Man

This interview was done at the Fangoria convention at Walt Disney World Resorts in 1997, in Orlando Florida.

Florida Geek Scene: Who is the Tall Man? I mean, does he have an origin, a background?

Angus Scrimm: You will have to wait until the next PHANTASM movie to find out, unless you can piece it together from parts 1, 2, 3.

Florida Geek Scene: Is The Tall Man on his own, or does he work for someone more powerful?

Angus Scrimm: I just answered that in the first question.

FGS: Did you (The Tall Man) create the guardian spheres?

AS: Of course.

FGS: Will there be a PHANTASM 4?

AS: My sources say yes.

FGS: Why is The Tall Man so powerful?

AS: You should refer back to question number one for that answer.

FGS: What is The Tall Man all about? Is there more to him besides eternal life, shrinking humans, and fingers that turn into small carnivorous creatures when severed from his body?

AS: Once again, I’d have to say I answered that in question one.

FGS: Out of all the PHANTASM films, which do you like the best?

AS: The next PHANTASM film, entitled PHANTASM 1999. You may wonder how I could like a film that hasn’t been made yet…I viewed it in another dimension.

FGS: What’s the idea behind the flying spheres?

AS: You really like rephrasing the first question, doncha?!

FGS: Will there ever be a battle between The Tall Man and Pinhead?

AS: Who??

FGS: Do you think Pinhead would make for a good midget?

AS: Anyone with a pulse would….

FGS: I think The Tall Man should make a cameo appearance on Seinfeld. What do you think?

AS: Yes, drilling Kramer would be satisfying. He would flop around quite nicely.

FGS: Are you currently working on any films as of now?

AS: No, I have mainly been focusing on my embalming for now.

FGS: What are some of your favorite movies?

AS: I like The Val Lewton films of the thirties.

FGS: What inspires you to be The Tall Man? What gets you in the mood to let him out?

AS: What makes you think I have a choice??

FGS: Are there any actors or actresses you would like to share the camera with?

AS: Michael Baldwin.

FGS: What do you do when you’re not The Tall Man?

AS: He is always lurking.

FGS: Do you have any last words of terror?

As: No more questions, Boy!!!




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