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The Gun is a great story about a gun which finds it’s way in to peoples lives who have nothing to lose, and seem to be at the end of their rope, created by John Ulloa, and Jose Varese, the Gun takes an almost Twilight Zone/House of Mystery sort of feeling in story and plot. I could see this book as a Vertigo title, or in the ranks of IDW and Avatar titles. The Gun, is definitely a cool read and worth picking up.

Scott: Tell me about who you are and what you do in the comic book industry.
John Ulloa: I am the publisher for creature entertainment and a writer.
Scott: How did you get in to comic books ?
John Ulloa: I got into comics in 1992, I started as a vendor selling my huge collection at local comic book shows, and one day I met an aspiring comic book artist we became goo. friends and decided one day to started up our own comic book company called High Impact.
Scott: How long have you been working in the comic book industry ?
John: On and off like 16 years.
Scott: Tell me about Creature Entertainment.
John: Creature is a group of artist, writers and movie makers who have teamed together to create movies and comic books.
Scott: Tell us about The Gun.
John: The Gun is a story about a gun that finds its way into the hands of people who at this point have nothing to lose.
Scott: Besides The Gun, what other titles are included on your roster ?
John: I have written on Double Impact; Forgive me Father, Ravenous, Tommy and our newest TS-101.
Scott: How did you come up with the Gun ?
John: It was really just making fun of my self, it was for me what would I do if I had a gun and what could happen to me.
Scott: What influences went into putting the Gun together as a comic book ?
John: I would have to say I was influenced by the Twilight Zone, Creep show and Outer limits.
Scott: How long did it take you to write the Gun ?
John: It was a long time ago, but I would say a 3 or 4 weeks.
Scott: What came first, the comic book or the movie ?
John: Actually both, we got together one day and said hey lets make a comic book. Then some one else said lets make a movie instead. Then some one else said why not just do both, so we did.
Scott: Do you like writing movies or comic books better ?
John: I would have to say comic books, I have more control and there is no director, saying change this, or write that.
Scott: What kind of preparation does it take to put a movie together ?
John: Its crazy how much you need to do even before you turn the camera on. Once you have the script you have to cast the actors, scout the locations and a lot more. Lucky for us we have a great team so we can spread the work around.
Scott: Which is more difficult to make, the comic book or the movie ?
John: The movie is way harder than the comic book. You still have to do the story boards for the movie witch is almost like making a comic book, and not to mention every thing every thing else evolved in making a movie.
Scott: Was your vision for the Gun comic book and movie, the same or were their any changes in the two ?
John: We stayed as close to the comic book as we could. I think the director Julio Alvarez stayed very true to the book.
Scott: What are some of your other films that you are working on, or have worked on ?
John: We did a fan film that I wrote called Reservoir Bats, and the latest one we just finished was TS-101 and we are working on the comic book as we speak.
Scott: What are some of the up’s and downs of being an indie comic book writer/publisher ?
John: Indie comics don’t have it easy by any means, the only advantage we have is creative freedom and we can work at our own pace. We still have to struggle for distribution and you have to hope that Diamond will not drop you if you don’t make them enough money, and that’s if they even pick you up at all.
Scott: Same question as 16., but for movies.
John: The ups are you have all the freedom you want, you’re not going to have some producer telling you how your movie should look like. The downs, you don’t have that same producer dishing out the cash to make your movie and get you the distribution you need.
Scott: What’s in the works for Creature Entertainment ? What can we look forward too ?
John: We have a few projects in the works one is the live action trailer for Forgive me Father and a new Zombie years short.
Scott: Do you have any last words ?
John: If you’re planning on getting into comics or movies don’t expect to get rich any time soon.

The Gun

The Gun


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