The Dragon from Russia (Crying Freeman)

The Dragon From Russia
Golden Harvest

Yao Long and May Yip are orphans who live in Russia with their adoptive family. Through the years, the two fall in love and promise that they will be together forever. One fateful day, Yao witnesses a murder being committed by a mysterious assassin. Shortly after this, he is captured and brainwashed by a mysterious cult of assassins call themselves “800 Dragons”. After losing his memory of his past, he is forced to take very strict martial art training to become the perfect assassin for the 800 Dragons.

During one of his missions, Yao is seen by May, his past lover who is still looking for him. The code of the 800 Dragons is that anyone who sees an assassin during their mission needs to be killed. But Yao begin to remember his past when May talks to him about their past relationship. Yao decides to follow his heart instead of the strict code of the assassin by not killing May. Now Yao and May must hide for their life. Knowing that Yao fails to follow the order, the 800 Dragons are now trying to kill both of them.

*Note: Dragon From Russia is based on the series Crying Freeman




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