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Orlando, FL — Indie pop singer-songwriter Marc With a C embraces his cult status with Obscurity, his latest studio album, scheduled for release on February 2. The album, Marc With a C’s 13th original release, will be available on LP/CD and via streaming services. Obscurity is the follow-up to Marc With a C’s full-length album Unicorns Get More Bacon (2016) and EP Half Serious, Half Kidding (2017) and features more of Marc’s signature blend of biting social commentary and technological cynicism with energetic 1960s-style jangle pop melodies. Marc With a C is joined in Obscurity by Blinker the Star’s Jordon Zadorozny, who also produces the album.

With Obscurity, Marc With a C marks his 18th year as an independent musician. Since the 2005 release of This World is Scary as F**k, his first self-produced album, Marc has taken a hands-on approach to writing, performing and producing his records on his own. Many of his records have been truly solo efforts, with Marc playing most of the instruments himself.

Over the course of his recording career, Marc With a C has released on average one new album per year using a minimalistic, bare bones production setup, from low-fidelity cassette 4-track recordings to digital recording and mastering. Bubblegum Romance (2004), one of Marc With a C’s earliest lo-fi albums remains one of his most in-demand, best-selling records to date.

In late 2017, Marc With a C released a limited edition LP of Shock Treatment Interpretations, his collection of popular covers from the cult film Shock Treatment, which was recorded using the old 4-track system between 1998–2005. As Marc With a C’s sound evolved from simple lo-fi, guitar-based melodies to full, more complex band arrangements, so have his production needs.

“By the time [I started recording] Unicorns Get More Bacon, I didn’t feel I could go much further without making a massive change, so I decided to begin by trusting an outside producer for the first time in years,” Marc confesses. “I called on Jordon Zadorozny, who’s produced Chris Cornell and Mandy Moore and written songs for Hole, but I first knew him from his band Blinker The Star. He has always been my dream producer. Over a year and a half, we worked to develop the songs that would eventually become Obscurity.”

Recorded over the course of six days at Zadorozny’s Skylark Park, a remote recording studio in Ontario, Canada, Obscurity focuses on the literal and figurative gaining of and losing a voice, conditions which the low-profile musician susceptible to throat ailments is well-acquainted. Through the generosity of his Patreon donors, Marc was able to travel from his home base in Central Florida to Canada to work with and learn from Zadorozny. Marc is no stranger to crowdfunding — his 2013 album Popular Music was crowdsourced and entirely funded through Kickstarter.

Obscurity is mastered by Kramer (Butthole Surfers, Low, Daniel Johnston), who previously worked with Marc With a C on Unicorns Get More Bacon. The new album’s Canadian ties are reflected in the cover art, created by Katharine!, a Canadian-American artist/illustrator and Marc With a C’s long-time collaborator.

Marc With a C plays selected tracks from Obscurity live on WPRK FM in Orlando at 7 PM on February 2, the day of the album’s release. He performs at The Geek Easy in Orlando for the Obscurity record release party on February 3.

Marc says, “I once explained how to make Popular Music. I now find comfort in Obscurity.” The lead single is “Low Rent Truman Show” with a video by the Emmy-nominated Tim Labonte, seen here: Pre-order has begun:

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OBSCURITY Track Listing:

1. Old Man Yells at iCloud
2. Terribly Popular
3. Your Goddamn Birthday
4. Low Rent Truman Show
5. Maybe
6. The New Normal
7. Song for the Sad Girls
8. One of These Are Gonna Be Your Day
9. Perfect for Me
10. Obscurity
11. Please Don’t Let My Art Die
12. Why

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