Mark Waid Talks About Reinventing Comics And Graphic Novels For A Digital World



The future of the comic book industry looks very bleak, with all this talk of digital and just about every publisher and title you can imagine is already in a digital format these days the day of street release. It’s hard enough for a local comic shop to stay a float. The comic book industry is already over-monopolized with only having one distributor and everything licensed through them.

Real comic collectors don’t want digital. They want something that they can hold on to and read, and stick in to their collection to pull out for another day and read; or to tell friends about and show off the art and story and what their favorite team or character did in said issue.

Unfortunately the days of real comic collecting is coming close to an end. The future is about less print and more data, any way you see it, it’s a collection, but what would you rather have? A hard drive full of digital comic books or the real thing?

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