MarkWHO42 – episode 145 – “MarkWHO42 Are You?” by Matthew Jacobs

52.5 Years ago a phenomenon started – Doctor Who – but unfortunately the dream ended some 26 years later… or so it seemed.

20 Years ago the dream was reborn… and yes, a hiccup in history until 2005, but it did happen. Doctor Who was reborn in a TV movie written and coproduced by Matthew Jacobs.

Matthew Jacobs comes to MarkWHO42

Matthew Jacobs comes to MarkWHO42

In this episode of MarkWHO42, we interview Matthew and talk about his career and of course the movie in depth. He even talks about his new project “Doctor Who Am I?” Plus all the latest Doctor Who news that came out last week. Join us won’t you!

MarkWHO42! More interesting than the youngest version of Young Indiana Jones!!!

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Originally a native New Yorker but transplanted to South Florida and living here for more than 4/5 of my life, I am a Geek and proud. I sang opera professionally as a child, and then spent more years than I care to remember collecting comic books and Doctor Who memorabilia. Now I sell Doctor Who books online at Amazon and at conventions in Florida. I decided to use my vocal abilities recently as the co-host of markwho42's WHOniverse, a podcast about all things Doctor Who!

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