MarkWHO42 – episode 148 – When a Good War Doctor Goes To Charity…

Declan May and Simon Brett from Seasons of War come to MarkWHO42 in aide of Caudwell's Children

Declan May and Simon Brett from Seasons of War come to MarkWHO42 in aide of Caudwell’s Children

MarkWHO42 loves Doctor Who, of course, but they also love a good cause. This week we try to help Caudwell’s Children stomp out autism by helping to sell a charity book… Seasons of War!

It is an unofficial charity anthology raising money and dedicated to the memory of Paul Spragg. It features more than 30 contributors, including George Mann, Lance Parkin, Paul Magrs, Matt Fitton, Jim Mortimore, Andrew Smith, John Peel, Kate Orman with a special preface by our friend of the show Nicholas Briggs. Plus there’s even a comic strip for good measure.

Join Mark and Patty as they interview the book’s creators Declan May and Simon Brett. They talk about the original ebook released last year, the short film made in conjunction with the book and the sale of the book at Chinbeard Books!

You can buy the book from this link but quantities are limited so order quickly: All proceeds go to Caudwell’s Children, and I do mean ALL!

Plus the rest of the MarkWHO42 gang bring you the latest Doctor Who news including a few stories not heard on our Krypton Radio show. And Christian talks to the con runners of Infinity Con in Lake City, Florida held the weekend of July 16 and 17th.

MarkWHO42! Even we can make a difference!!!

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