MarkWHO42 – episode 151 – Voices and a Ukulele

Voice actress Brina Palencia on MarkWHO42

Voice actress Brina Palencia on MarkWHO42


Join MarkWHO42 as they go Beyond the WHOniverse and interview voice actress Brina Palencia. If you are an anime fan you may have heard her in Black Butler, the Evangelion movies, Dragon Ball Z Kai, One Piece amongst others. She also does video games including two from The Walking Dead franchise. We talk about her career, how she got into voice acting and gives tips on how to get into the business. We even talk her into giving an impromptu live studio performance on her ukulele.

We also have all the latest Doctor Who news and the amazing birthdays happening on August 20th. Plus we talk about upcoming conventions we are participating like Geekinomicon OKC, Space Coast Comic Con, and Megacon Tampa Bay!

MarkWHO42! More fun than playing Duke Nukem (which actually is quite fun really)!

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Originally a native New Yorker but transplanted to South Florida and living here for more than 4/5 of my life, I am a Geek and proud. I sang opera professionally as a child, and then spent more years than I care to remember collecting comic books and Doctor Who memorabilia. Now I sell Doctor Who books online at Amazon and at conventions in Florida. I decided to use my vocal abilities recently as the co-host of markwho42's WHOniverse, a podcast about all things Doctor Who!

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