MarkWHO42 – episode 177 – A Second Sip of Peri, eh?

Part 2 of MarkWHO42's interview with Nicola Bryant, Peri from classic Doctor Who!

Part 2 of MarkWHO42‘s interview with Nicola Bryant, Peri from classic Doctor Who!

The month of April continues the 5th Anniversary of MarkWHO42.

We start with Christian and Zion taking you to the WHOniverse and Beyond with MarkWHO42 News.

Then, we present the second part of our interview with “Perpugilliam of the Brown” herself, Nicola Bryant. Nicola played Peri Brown in the Classic Doctor WHO series, companion of the Fifth and Sixth Doctors. Nicola talks Doctor WHO and her career in acting during and after Doctor WHO. We talk with Nicola about Mary Whitehouse, leaving Doctor Who, The Airzone Solution, and her journey into Big Finish.

Don’t forget we’ll be joining Nicola at WHOlanta in Atlanta, GA, May 5th – 7th.

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For more information about WHOlanta 2017, visit WHOlanta Convention.

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Enjoy and we’ll see you at WHOlanta!

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