MarkWHO42 – episode 192 – He Said/She Said: The 13th Doctor

MarkWHO42 - episode 192 - He Said/She Said: The 13th Doctor

MarkWHO42 – episode 192 – He Said/She Said: The 13th Doctor

This episode of MarkWHO42 is all about Jodie from two different perspectives, the guys and the gals. On our biggest round table discussion yet, we separate the gents from the ladies to hear two different perspectives about the first female Doctor WHO, Jodie Whittaker.

Was this time right time? Was this the right idea? Why a female Doctor? Is Doctor WHO destined for failure, or looking at a new resurgence? As we move forward with our 13th Doctor, our panelists of experts give their take on what has happened, the controversy spawning throughout the WHOniverse and what they believe will be the future of Doctor WHO.

So, join the team of MarkWHO42 (with Christian Basel hosting the men and Iggy Mathews hosting the women) with their very special guests on this special and quite possibly controversial episode. And whatever else happens, Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor, “whether you like it or not.”

Featured Guests:

John Reid Adams (Actor, Writer, Narcotic Casserole Productions)
Patrick Baumgardner (Show Runner of Time Lord Expo)
Doctor Squee (Gallifrey Stands PodCast)
Kellen Harkins (Fan Track Director at DragonCon)
Patricia Helm-Freyre (Convention & WHOvian Panelist)
Neisha T Mulchan (Diversely Geek)
Mollee B Marcus (Doctor Who fan extraordinaire)
Mark Baumgarten (showrunner of MarkWHO42)

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