MarkWHO42 – episode 202 – A MarkWHO42, a Markiplier, and a guy named Benny

MarkWHO42 sits down with the CEO of Red Giant Entertainment and talk comics like the one he cowrites with YouTube sensation Markiplier!

MarkWHO42 sits down with Benny Powell, the CEO of Red Giant Entertainment, and talk comics like the one he cowrites with YouTube sensation Markiplier!

This week, the team interviews comic book artist and CEO, Benny Powell. Benny is the founder of Red Giant Entertainment, a “transmedia” entertainment company. As stated on their Wikipedia site “Red Giant develops intellectual properties into various ancillary media forms including: movies, television, video games, phone apps, online comics, toy lines, cartoons, T-shirts, and other merchandising opportunities.” Red Giant produces such awesome comics like Wayward Legends, Katrina, and the Markiplier Series, based on the hit YouTuber himself.

Before the interview, we go to the MarkWHO42 News Desk which include:

  • Peter Capaldi gets emotional during hearing his leaving announcement on the radio
  • Pearl Mackie in new podcast drama “Adulting
  • Matt Smith wants to appear with Jodie Whittaker in the future (is this news or clickbait?)
  • Shada has been re-released with new animation to fill in unfilmed scenes

So get ready to “B to Blow.” MarkWHO42 is taking you into the comic world and beyond!

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